How I Save Monday!

I'd like to say that I am the kind of person that doesn't get irritated easily. Today, I got irritated.

Last week I mentioned in my post that I have been shopping at a different Walgreens and they have been wonderful, well this morning I went back to my old Walgreens (where I have had problems before) because I was on that side of town... and I am regretting it now!

So first I will show you my haul.

Transaction 1

Tylenol and Sudafed 2/$10 -$2 off mfc -$2 off mfc= $6 + $5 RR-- $0.50 each
SUPPOSED to be Triaminic 2/$10 -$2 off mfc -$2 off mfc= $6 + $5 RR==$0.50 each
what happened:: they only had the triaminic cough and cold for kids which I can't give Hudson. Then I saw two packs (for the price of one) of the fever reducer that you can give to infants and they have the RR sign under them like the other triaminic products, so I thought, WOW what a great deal!
I got the the register and the RR didn't print, then the manager said that they weren't part of the deal and even though I told him there was a sign CLEARLY stating that they were in the deal, he wouldn't honor the price. So he gave me one of the 2 packs for $5, and I used my $2 off mfc... making it $3. So NOT a great deal.

So I paid: $9, and got $5 back. Total retail value: $22

Transaction 2

Blistex B1G1 free-- $1.69 I had a $1/2 mfc so I paid $0.69 for 2
Osteo biflex (my dr just told me I needed to start taking this for my knee) B1G1 Free-- $19.99 each, -$6 mfc x 2, $8.00 for both
Sweet n Low bonus pack-- Sale $1.49 - $0.55 mfc= $0.94
Tostitos 2/$5-- $1 wgc -$1 mfc when you buy 2 chips: all 3 for $5.50 (also didn't work out like I planned... ugh)
I also used my $5 RR from T1.
Total for T2: $9.67 Total retail value: $58

Total trip: I paid: $18.67 Total retail: $80
79% savings

So all in all, I still did pretty good, but I am still irritated. I am going back to my beloved Walgreens to try again this afternoon, stay tuned for my update! :)


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