Jenna Buettemeyer, RN

Yesterday was my first day back at work after taking 5 months off for my minor (turned-major) knee surgery...

I got up extra early (4:45!!), spent a few minutes reading my bible and praying and felt an overwhelming peace about the day. After making our breakfast smoothies (mango, banana, strawberry, almond butter, greek yogurt and OJ) I was on my way...

God answered every one of my prayers for the day...
1. It was my first time driving to work from our new house... which is a whopping 10 minutes closer! Taking 10 minutes off of a 30 minute drive does WONDERS for the soul! Saves me 20 minutes a day and gas now! woo!
2. I got to work on my "home" unit, with my friends and I didn't have to get stressed out or overwhelmed because I played the "aide" all day. I got logged back into all of the computer systems and our pyxis (medication machine) without problems!
3. I had a good attitude even though I had to do something things that I don't really like to do.
4. It was refreshing to be there and to serve a "purpose" other than being a mom, to do something that I went to school and have trained and learned a lot in order to do it.
5. I did get to be a nurse for 3 or so hours which was enough for me to get back into the swing of the routine and helped me realize that nothing really changed.
6. My knee was a trooper, I wore my brace all day and other than a wicked rash where it rubbed all day, my knee seems to be in O.K. shape today.

I can tell you though that I am SUPER sore today and I was exhausted last night. I am glad that I won't be working two in a row any time in the foreseeable future. H was in bed when I got home but I got him up to snuggle on him for a minute and he wanted nothing to do with it, just wanted to go back to bed. I am so grateful that he was in good hands with my MIL all day and that he got a few hours of play time in with daddy before I got home, and he was SUPER excited to see me this morning.

So I am declaring today a no-cleaning, no-school, no-exercising (my knee needs a break after 13 hours yesterday) day! I am going to enjoy this beautiful Saturday with my family!


  1. Glad to hear that your 1st day back was a success! :) Lana


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