Chemo Bag... and a post from Janet!

Janet wanted to share the following:

These are "the lunch ladies" that surprised me today with bags full of goodies for my chemo treatments. I shouldn't get hungry or bored with all the stuff in the bags. The Bible is my favorite cause people have gone in and highlighted their favorite verses and written me notes. I'm waiting til tomorrow before I open it up to read. The white blanket has my name monogrammed on it with my friends favorite verses. The armor of God will be all around me tomorrow with the blanket and bible. How awesome is our God!!!! Thank you to Linda, Cindy, Susan G, Susan B, Shonda, Cathy, Lorrel, Lisa and not in the picture: Laurie, Sheena and Lyn


  1. That is a picture of some of my favorite women!! I love that they are rallying around their friend! so special!
    Praying for Janet tomorrow!

  2. Love these women! I miss the ladies of FBC in Bentonville. Praying for Janet.


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