How I Save Monday!

Hey y'all! Hudson and I went and got some awesome deals this morning that I can't wait to share!

First we went to Walgreens.
Air wick air freshener retail $14.99, on sale for $7.99- $2 mfc, paid $5.99 and got back $4 RR
Stride gum retail $1.29, sale $0.99 -$1/2 paid just $0.99 for both

Total retail: $17.57
Paid: $7.78
Got back $4 RR, like paying $3.78
82% savings
Then we hit up Target. I am REALLY pumped about a few of these deals. (Bolded my favs!)
32 oz. Coffee mate creamer: clearance priced $2.96, not sure retail, around $4 probably
Turkey Hotdogs: Sale price: $2.19 each, $4.38 -$1 off mfc, paid $3.38 for both
Gogo Squeeze applesauce 4 pks (perfect for H's lunches): retail: $2.50 CLEARANCE $1.60 each, I got 5 and paid $8
Dannon Activia; Sale 2/$4 -$2 off target coupon, Paid $2 total
Mentos gum: $1.29, -$1 mfc, -$0.55 target coupon, FREE
Zone Perfect (LOVE these, great to keep in my purse for a quick meal): Retail $5.50, Sale $3.81 -$1/2 mfc and $1 off target coupon, Paid $5.62 for both (basically a free box and I got the boxes with an extra bar for free so I scored 12 bars total instead of just 10!)
Iams puppy food: Trial bag $3- $3 off mfc, FREE (and see pic below, it came with another $3 off coupon!)
Milk bone Dog treats: Sale 2/$5.08 -$1.50 mfc paid just $3.58 for both
Milk bone soft treats: Retail: $3.54, FREE when you buy two other milk bone treats 

Total retail: around $50
Paid: $25.93
Right at a 50% savings... the best I've done on groceries so far!

$3 coupon inside FREE dog food... more free dog food?

Always look for the boxes with special promotions, extra bars... etc.

Coupon to roll into my next deal!
One of the main things that I was proud of is that I actually got deals on things I needed right now. Hudson was out of hotdogs and applesauce, I was almost out of zone bars and I was out of coffee creamer and yogurt. Also with two dogs now we are going through the dog treats and food SUPER fast!

One more things... please keep my grandma in your prayers! She is back in the hospital for more tests on her heart and possibly a heart cath today. Hudson and I went to see her this morning and she was in good spirits and I got some cute pics of Hud with my grandpa.

Have a blessed Monday friends and be on the look out... I'm starting a blog for Janet today that I will be linking to!


  1. I STILL need to figure out this coupon stuff!!!
    Will be praying for your grandpa though!


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