A Special Date

I can't believe Hudson blew right by the 17 months mark... He is 17 1/2 months old now and I feel like he is growing and learning something new every day. In the last few weeks I have put forth an effort to actually SPEND time with him. I feel like it is so easy to both be at home and to let him play while I do my own thing... but I don't want him to remember his childhood where mommy was always cleaning or doing laundry. I wanted him to remember doing fun things with me.

Since I have taken on this new attitude, my counters might not be as squeaky clean, and the laundry might be in a rumpled mess on the dryer... but I feel like I am actually getting to know my son... and what a joy and a pleasure that is.

He loves being out and about... he got that from both his daddy and me. He loves to go to Wal-Mart and Target and absolutely loves to be outside. He does perfect going out to eat too. When it is nice we try to spend an hour or so outside walking or playing in the yard, I am SO looking forward to the summer.

Today I took him out to the mall to exchange a few things and then we went and he got something special of his own!

Cool TOMS!

You can tell he was thrilled about taking this picture
Then we went to Chic-fil-a and got lunch together. Yes he is still too little to play there, but he loves to look around and we had a great time. I am trying my hardest to cherish these days with him. Before I know it he will be going to school and then a teenager and he won't want to spend time with me and I won't get those wet slobbery kisses and those cute baby giggles anymore.

My favorite thing from this week happened the other night at bedtime. Bryan and I always sing" Jesus loves me" to Hudson before he goes to bed at night. As I was singing the other night, he started saying "Jesh-ush"... and I was so excited and wanted to kiss him and tell him "YES, baby! Jesus loves you SO much. He loves you more than mommy and daddy (and that is a lot!) and he wants more than anything for you to know him!!!" but since he is still too little to understand the amazing things that Jesus has done for us, I just stuck to "YES, baby! Jesus! Jesus loves you and he loves mommy and he loves daddy" and I continued singing.

It is incredible to me how much Hudson knows since he isn't talking a whole lot and I am so glad that he is exposed to Jesus and the gospel at home, at church, at school (mdo) and pretty much anywhere he goes. I will continue singing of my Jesus' love to him until I can't sing anymore. If I am doing anything right as a parent, that is it.


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