Things (and people) I am loving!

Hey y'all! Janet is still feeling pretty good after her first round of chemo and Hudson and I are going to go see her today and get our new fun bracelets that say "believing for Janet".

thanks to my SIL for the pic
I wanted to shout out to a couple of really special people today, sharing some late Valentines Day love.

First... if y'all don't know, my husband is incredible. He is a great husband, son and father... He is an awesome provider and my very best friend... we celebrated 5 years of being together yesterday, and I can't believe it! But other than all of that he is also an incredible photographer! These are just a few of his MANY great photos! I wanted to put more wedding pics up but I can't find them on his computer and he doesn't know that I am doing this.

So if you live in NWA and are looking for family, kid, baby, engagements or wedding pics... check out trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Another person that I am loving right now is a friend with the MOST adorable etsy shop. My friend from high school, Brittany Estes and her gang hang out at her blog here! If you take a look at her latest post, I won her giveaway and am SO excited to be getting some fun product from her shop... but that isn't the only reason I am loving on her today.

Out of the kindness of her heart, Brittany made my MIL, Janet, an ovarian cancer wreath.
It has the verse we claimed for this time, Psalm 121, written on the background. I'm hoping that it gets here this week and Janet can't wait to hang it on her door to greet and encourage all that enter their house (which is a lot of people these days... she is pretty popular!). Y'all must check out her shop, if I ever have a little girl I am going to be in trouble with all of the cute headbands that she has!

So if you need some cute girly stuff OR an awesome photographer.. I have your hook up right here!


  1. Awe thanks, friend!! P.S. I want a bracelet!!! (and we prayed for Janet at church last night!)


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