How I Save-- Kid's clothes edition!

Here is the problem with baby showers... People buy all kinds of adorable clothes for tiny babies... mostly 0-6 months, some 6-9 and hardly anything 12 months and up. I had so many clothes for Hudson before he was a year old that some outfits were only worn once or twice. My mission from now on when I go to baby showers is to buy bigger clothes so that there might be less of a problem in this area. For Hudson's birthday (September) and Christmas I asked for 12-18 month clothes because we had NONE... and now my 18 month old child has no clothes for summer.

So today I ventured out to get some good deals on summer clothes for my little boy and fill up his closet! I think every single item that I bought was on clearance and then I got bonus bucks at almost every store... here is my haul.

First we went to Children's Place.! I got Hudson those two polos for $6 each, the cargo shorts for $12 and plaid shorts for $15. If I spent $40 I got $20 of "Place Cash" to use in April for $20 off any $40 purchase. I was like $1.30 short so I went and picked up a pair of socks for $2.50 so I would qualify... plus I feel like we are always losing socks, so not a bad purchase! I spent $41.45 for two outfits and socks and left with $20 to spend next month.

We also stopped by Gap because a friend of mine said she got some really awesome deals last weekend. I didn't find much for this summer, but I did pick up some awesome clearance stuff for this fall. The two long sleeved t-shirts were on clearance for $6.99 each. I love these shirts because they are so soft! The orange button up was $14.99 and the GAP fleece hoodie was $10.97. I spent $39.94 at Gap on my Gap card which earns me $10 in Gap cash for every $100 I spend. (I am NOT a huge credit card person, BUT we buy the majority of our clothes at Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic (Bryan's work clothes) and pay it off the same month), therefore we decided this was a good card to have because of the $10 back for every $100 spent.

We also went to Gymboree. I bought most of Hudson's newborn clothes (including his bring home from the hospital outfit) on clearance at Gymboree. If you wait long enough until things are out of season they usually discount their clothes pretty well. I would never buy anything full price there because they run sales all the time. Today they had 30% off of everything (including all clearance items). Everything I got was on clearance. The tractor polo was $6.64, the other white tractor shirt was $9.44. Hudson LOVES tractors, or as he calls them "digs". The orange tractor shirt was $9.79. The green shorts were $5.24. Both pairs of pants were $10. These were two full outfits for the fall and then a cute outfit for the summer. I paid $52.81 and got back $25 in "gym bucks" to use next month off of $50.
Finally, we hit up Old Navy. I actually went to Old Navy last week and bought a couple of other things but saw they were having another sale so we went back today. I was happy because I was wanting a white polo for Hudson and everywhere I had looked was out of his size, but they had them! Polo's were on sale for $7 each and the PJ's were on clearance for $8.99. I spent $22.99 (also on my Gap card to qualify for the $10) and got back $10 "super cash" off of my next purchase of $20.
The haul
I spent a total of $157.19 on three full summer outfits and two more summer shirts, two fall outfits, three other long sleeved shirts and a hoodie, a pair of PJ's and a pair of socks.
I got back $55 in free money to be used in April when I am planning on stocking up on even more discounted deals, including swimwear and shoes!
Total retail value: $302 (Yes, I am a nerd and I went through and tallied up the prices on the tags before markdowns!)
SO right at a 50% savings not including the free money to be spent in April!

Hudson's closet is now full and it was a day of shopping well spent!


  1. We go to Old Navy all the time. I've never heard of Super Cash? I want details!


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