How I Save Monday!

Hudson and I actually slept in this morning-- Thank you time change! After we got up and ate breakfast we headed out to run some errands and save some money!

First we hit up Walgreens...
Right Guard was on sale B1G1 free...
Right Guard deodorant $4.49 each... I bought 4 ($18 retail) - b1g1 free $9 - 2 $1/2 mfc (found on their facebook page)= $7 and I got back a $4 RR so it is like paying $3 for all four deodorants and one had a sample body wash with it for free!
Irish Spring- Sale 2/$6 -$0.50 off body wash and $1 off deodorant= $4.50 and I got $3 RR back
Purex- Sale $3.49 -$0.50 wgc and -$1 mfc= $2
Big Roll TP- Sale 2/$1 (my filler items so I could use my RR from last week)

Total Retail:$39.70
Total after savings: $14.47
I used $8 in RR from last week bringing my total down to $6.47
I got back $7 in RR so it was a money maker trip if you include my RR from last week!
Total percent savings: 82% savings not including last weeks RR!

Then we headed to Target...
Tide Boost- $6.99- $1.50 target coupon -$1 mfc= $4.50
Market Pantry Pasta- Sale $1.50
Market Pantry Tomato sauce- Sale $1 -$1/2 pasta and sauce= Free
Lean Cuisine- Sale $1.89 ($7.56 for all four) -$1 off mfc and -$1 off target coupon= $5.56
Yoplait Trix Yogurt- $2.20 each ($4.40 for both) -$0.75 mfc and -$0.75 target coupon =$2.90 for both
Boys sweatpants- Regular $10, Clearance $5
Boys sweatshirt- Regular $12, Clearance $6

Total Retail: $45.78
Total after savings: $25.47
A 45% savings!'

A few things you can see by looking at what I bought... obviously we don't need 5 mens deodorants. Bryan uses like one or two a year (he isn't a sweaty person). BUT I exhausted my collection at Christmas time when we donated to a local childrens shelter with our small group (I donated 10 full sized deodorants and 10 small body washes and I didn't have to pay a dime!). I also like to have these on hand because I love making gift baskets for my friends when they have new babies, so these make great things to have on hand for that.

Also, I wasn't planning on buying clothes for Hudson. When I am at Target though I like to look through the sales stuff and see if there are any good deals. I bought him this sweatsuit because it was a 2T and should be perfect for this fall. I need to start getting stuff as I see it because after 18 months we have NO clothes for him! So my total would have been a lot less if I would have just bought the groceries ($14 I think). The tide boost wasn't THAT great of a deal but it was something I needed because I have a little boy who LOVES to make messes.

I am trying to get back into meal planning. I will be posting my meal plan tomorrow because that is the best way to save money when buying groceries because you buy only what you need.


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