Meet my house-- master bedroom!

Okay so I kind of lost track on showing y'all the other rooms in our new house. Partially because a lot of rooms were only half done but I thought I would continue today with pictures of my two favorite walls in my house and of the Master Bedroom.

My first favorite wall is in my entry way. I had this vision in my head long before we had bought our house and started decorating. I bought these frames from a friend of mine over a year ago and have just been hanging onto them until the vision was ready to be executed.

 My second favorite wall is in our living room. My huge pictures of Hudson are my favorite (pretend like they're not crooked) and I love this dresser that my friend, Maegan, refinished and painted. It houses all of Hudson's living room toys. I love that I can hide them quickly but that he still knows to go and open the drawers to get out his toys and books. The frame on the dresser says "This is my beloved and this is my friend" and it has one of our wedding pictures in it. Bryan got it for me for Christmas and I absolutely love it.
 Master Bedroom

That is my wedding bouquet in the vase :)

My blue sign says "Cinderella is proof that one shoe can change your life."
My latest pinterest inspiration. I love how these look.

So these is the tour of our Master bedroom and bathroom! Up next I am thinking dining room and a living room re-do because I have redone a bunch of stuff.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Looks great!!! I love the blown up pictures!! It reminds me that I still have a photo wall to create!!

  2. Everything looks great! I love that bathroom and such a cute idea with the jars!

  3. Beautiful! You have such a fancy grown up master bedroom! Ours is old ikea tables and a dresser my parents had made in 1981!
    About Huddy's hair...Im so sorry i don't do kids cuts anymore! Sometimes if Im doing their mommas hair and they happen to be there that time then i will. But for the most part i just do color and cut clients. That's my passion and since i only work a day and a half a.week i squeeze as many of those women in as possible. Sooo if YOU or any of your friends are looking for a new color and.cut then Im all yours!
    I hope this all made sense Im typing on my phone while ruby talks to me!
    Call or text if u have any questions!! 479.544.2377

  4. Love the entry wall with all of the different frames. I was just admiring similar ones at Hobby Lobby today. :) Lana


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