My baby toddler was 19 months old this past Monday.

19 months ago the Lord gave me the biggest little blessing and forever changed my life. I am pretty sure my heart grew five times that day. Having that baby in my life has made me a less high strung and high maintenance person, and a more loving and definitely more happy person.

Eating his Easter cookie from Aunt Sue
Oh my sweet baby Hudson--
-You have the sweetest smile. From the moment you wake up in the morning until the moment you lay down, wave and say "byeeee" to us at night... that smile hardly ever leaves your face. There was a time in your life (uh, 4-5 months ago) that we wondered if you would ever smile or laugh because it took everything in us to get you to smile.
-You go to bed around 7:30 every night and get up around 7 in the morning. You usually take one long nap from 11-2.
-You LOVE "digs" or tractors or anything construction related. You are obsessed.
Watching the "digs" build the house next door
-You also LOVE to go "side" or outside. You would live out there, I am pretty sure.
-You have the cutest baby southern accent when you said "side" too... I love it.
-You eat almost anything. Mainly you like waffles (wa-fa), nilla wafers (coo-Kie), hot dogs (HOT dog) w/ ketchup, chicken nuggets, wa-wa (water) or milk (chu-se-- aka juice that is really milk)... and your new fun thing to say is cupcake although I am not sure you've ever had a cupcake.
-You weighed 26 lbs (50th percentile) at your 18.5 month appointment and were 33 inches long (30th percentile).
-You are in 12-18 month clothes still and some 18-24 month stuff. You wear a size 5 shoe (suue).
-You went fishing with Grandpa for the first time this month. You had a hard time walking on the boat and were a little terrified of the fish, but you absolutely adore your fishing pole.
-You go to school (Mothers Day Out) two days a week and you love to play with your friends!
-You are staring to play alone. That is nice for momma but also makes me realize you're growing up!
-You usually play with your trucks and like to ride around on your big trucks in the house.
-You also love Sadie (Dee) and Molly (also... Dee)... you just giggle and giggle at them most of the time.
-You don't like being contained anywhere (cart, car, in a certain room) but you love to explore and climb. You are definitely ALL boy.
-I love it when people say to me "You have such a happy baby" and I know it is true!
-You love spending time with both sets of grandparents, you are maybe just a little spoiled!
-You are understanding and (sometimes) following directions... like "Bring momma your brush"...
-You also are a little stubborn and have quite the temper sometimes, but we are working on that.
-You love to dance. So cute.
-You also have your first favorite show-- "bubbbbble" or Bubble Guppies.
-AND my favorite thing this month is that you possibly have a new favorite word... "ma-ma", It took you forever to say it and it still melts my heart when you call me "ma-ma".
-Your big brown eyes (a Kerby trait!) and chubby cheeks are starting to make you look a little more like my toddler pictures, I love that too, although, still everywhere we go people comment on how much you look like your daddy, but that's okay because he is pretty handsome too!

Happy 19 Months Hudson! The best 19 months your daddy and I have had. I can't believe your 2nd birthday is right around the corner. We love you!!!



  1. i think your hair is cute! i've never been recognized, but i would probably be a bit embarrassed too. and i would probably look like a hot mess! ha!


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