How I Save Monday!

We made our weekly trip to Target today and I was pleasantly surprised with my deals.

Glade Air freshener $0.99 - $1 off tgc= FREE
Beneful Baked Delights $3.14 -$2 mfc (from facebook) -$0.75 tgc= $0.39
Up and Up tissues $1.34 (not on sale, I just needed some)
Hillshire Farm Turkey $2.84 -$0.55 mfc=$2.39
Method Laundry Detergent $2.99-$1 tgc= $1.99
Up and Up baby food= 2/$1.44-$0.55 tgc= $0.92 for both (only one pictured because the other was being eaten, ha!)
Up and Up Shaving Cream $1.94-$0.50 tgc=$1.44
Aquafresh kids toothpaste $1.50-$1 mfc=$0.50
Greenworks Color Safe Bleach $3.79 each -2/$2 off tgc -$1/2 mfc= $2.58 for both
Mothers Day Cards (4) $10.97 total- $1 tgc= $9.97
Mossimo scoop neck-t $8, Sale $6 -$3 tgc=$3
Skip Hop Diaper Bag $58 + shipping, Clearance for $29.06

Total Retail: $100
I spent: $55

Total Savings: $45 and/or 45%

Two little side notes: I LOVED the Skip Hop diaper bags when I was pregnant with H. I ended up with a Vera Bradley, which I adore and never got another one but it is kind of bulky. I stopped using a diaper bag when H turned one. He has a backpack he takes to "school" now. So I got this because it was an incredible deal, it is still brand new with the tags on, the only reason it was on clearance was because it was returned from online. It is gender neutral (a bag Bryan will carry) and it will be perfect when we fly to the beach next month to use as a carry-on. It clips onto the stroller and has a fold out changing pad.

Another thing... a friend recently asked me where I get my coupons. Most of the Manufacturers coupons come from the newspaper, facebook or The target coupons come from mailers or from I find most of my deals from


  1. You did do good! I'm just starting to really get into the coupon / sample thing but it is amazing what you can get! I will have to check out the hip2save!


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