How I Save- ...uh Thursday...

Oops... I am a little late on my "How I Save" post this week. I am going to blame that on Bryan being sick and having a bunch of school projects due... but I have a great post today with some awesome savings!

Let's start with some unfinished business. After waiting a week, the original giveaway winner never contacted me. So I drew again... the new winner is.....

#17 Megan Boeving! (Megan, email me (jmkbuett (at) gmail (dot) com or facebook) with what bag you want and your address and I'll have Brittany send it out ASAP!)

 Ok now on to the good stuff...
 A good money saving tip that I have is to look out for meat that is getting ready to expire. I bought the above pork chops in a big pack (8 chops) on clearance for $6 (original price $10) because they were going to hit expiration the next day. I usually buy the pack with 4 pork chops because it is enough for two meals, but this was too good to pass up. I split them into four separate bags with two pork chops in each freezer bag, I labeled them with date and what they were and stuck them in the freezer. Now when I am going to make pork chops I can just pull out a bag to defrost and wa-la dinner is ready to go and each serving was just $0.75!

Now onto my Target trip. Target has some great deals going on this week and I was actually surprised that even though I waited so late in the week to go, almost everything was still available.

The whole haul
For the break down we will start with half of the haul...
FYI mfc=Manufacturers Coupon tcp= Target Coupon
Glade air freshener $0.99- $1 off tgc= FREE
Beneful Dog Food $5.49, Sale $4.94 -$2 tgc= $2.94
Milo's Kitchen Dog Treats (we use these to train Molly) $3, Sale $2.42 -$1.25 mfc= $2.34 for both
Eggo Waffles (Hudson's breakfast of choice) $2.50, Sale $2.33 -$0.75/2 mfc=$3.91 for both
Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix $1.99 - $0.50 mfc= $1.49
Gold Peak Tea $2.04 -$1 mfc= $2.08 for both
Jimmy Dean Delights (my breakfast of choice) $6.59 -$1 mfc= $5.59
Baby Food pouches $1.68 for both -$0.50 tgc= $1.18 for both
Zyrtec 5 ct $5.29 Sale $4.76 -$4 mfc= $0.76
Ortega Taco Seasoning Packets $0.88, Sale $0.58 each -$0.50/2 mfc= $0.66 for both
Garnier Shampoo $2.99 each, -2/$1 mfc and -$1 tgc= $3 for both
Dove Shampoo $3.49 each -2 $2 mfc & a tgc for wyb 2 you get a styling product FREE=$3 for both
Dove Dry Shampoo $4.49, with above coupon FREE
whew... I'm getting tired... here is the second half!
Market Pantry Pasta and Sauce: Sale $1 each- $1 when you buy both tgc= $1 for both
Market Pantry Mac and Cheese: Sale $0.55 each, -$0.50 wyb 4=$1.70 for 4
Mossimo tanks $8, Sale $6 -$3 tgc= $6 for both
Belvita (my new obsession) $2.99 -$1 mfc -$1 tgc= $0.99
Green works products
Glass cleaner $2.49 -$1 mfc -$1 tgc
Wipes $2.36 each -$1 mfc -$1 tgc
I paid $3.21 for the above
Dish soap ($2.29) free when you buy three=FREE

SO... My total before coupons and savings was a staggering $94
I paid $40



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