Mexican Fiesta

I'm not doing a meal plan this week but I thought I would share what's for dinner tonight!

I'm all about easy. Especially with a little one around while I am cooking. A friend of mine (shout out to Laura!) was talking about making Mexican food yesterday and it got me to thinking (and craving) Mexican food. So at Wal-Mart this morning I picked up some things to make a perfect Mexican Feast.

I got a Kraft Fresh Take (Southwestern Flavor) and a pkg of Chicken Tenders that were on clearance because they expire tomorrow. I also got pkg of Knorr Mexican Rice, two cans of corn, two Avocados and a bag of Baked Tostitos... and here is the fiesta I came up with...

Going into the oven
Here are the directions/recipes:
Southwestern Chicken Tenders (follow the package directions)
Fiesta Corn Casserole (I used this recipe, but added some taco seasoning)

Mexican Rice (follow the pkg directions)
Guacamole and Chips

Finished Yumminess:

 My boys (yes even my 19 month old) ate EVERY bite. B went back for seconds. It was good. Real good.


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