A Very Remarkable Update

I just posted this on Janet's blog and I thought I would post here too for those of you following her story...

God is REMARKABLE... Our day started with good news. Janet's CA 125 level has dropped from 288 to 46 since starting chemo. She was taken into surgery around 11 am and her doctor just came out and shared the good news with us.

In the 2 minute conversation we had with him, Janet's doctor said the word remarkable THREE times. He said it was remarkable that there was no cancer in her abdomen as her previous doctor had seen. He said it was remarkable that it was only seen in her ovaries after the previous doctor couldn't even find her gall bladder because her abdomen was in her words "covered in tumors/cancer". Our God is remarkable. We told the doctor that we weren't the least surprised. God is the ultimate healer and Janet has had so many people praying for her and we know those prayers were heard. She is in recovery right now and we haven't seen her yet. She has said all week that she cant wait to wake up and have Tony tell her the good news and that it is all over. That moment has almost come. She will be in the hospital for three to four days and then will have 3 or 4 more rounds of chemo to lower her CA 125 level to the teens. He sent some of the cancer off for pathology in case we needed that information in the future.

Webster's dictionary defines remarkable as worthy of being or likely to be noticed especially as being uncommon or extraordinary. We think this was an extremely appropriate choice of words for Janet's doctor to use.

 We will update you with how Janet is doing in the next little while, we all can't wait to see her, to hug her and to tell her what she already knows, that God is amazing and has heard our prayers!


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