Farmers Market and Touch a Truck!

We have had a super fun Saturday! Bryan has to work one Saturday a month (just from 7-10) and this happened to be "work" Saturday. So Hudson and I went to the Farmers Market while Bryan was at work. Our downtown is SO cute, especially on Saturday mornings... After we bought our goodies, We went to the coffee shop and I got an iced coffee and Hudson enjoyed his very first chocolate milk!

Blueberries, Spinach and Green beans, YUM!
Then when we got home the "digs" were working a few houses over so we went to check that out and went to a garage sale down the road where we picked up this cute little car for Hudson for $5! He loves it and threw a fit when we made him get out! We hit up Qdoba for our Cinco de Mayo lunch and then we took Hudson to the "Touch a Truck" event that was going on at a local convention center. Thanks to Mrs. Beth for telling us about it, Hudson was in HEAVEN!

We have had a fabulous weekend so far, and looking through these pictures I realize that my baby looks BIG. He is growing up! Tomorrow we are having a family day and I can't wait! Bryan has a wedding tonight so Hudson and I are hanging out with my friends, Jackie and Stacy!
Happy Saturday, Y'all!!

PS we found an extra lovey blanket! yay!


  1. Hudson is getting so big!! My exact thoughts web looking at these pics! Looks fun! And sad I won't be at the hang out tonight! Love you guys!


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