How I Save... and a Happy Birthday!

I went to Walgreens this week and this is what I picked up...
Ghirardelli Sale 2/$3 -$1/2 mfc= 2/$2
Little Swimmers Sale $6.99- $2 wgc -$1.50 mfc= $3.50
U by Kotex Sale $3.99-$1 mfc -$3 RR= FREE

Total before savings: $22
I paid $7.49 and got back a $3 RR
Like paying $4.49
80% savings!

In other news... I have had a super great but BUSY week. Monday we had small group at our house, Tuesday night Bryan and I went and did newborn pictures of my sweet friend Ashleigh's new baby boy, Drake. He is so precious. Wednesday I went to dinner and coffee with my friend Katy, it was good to get out of the house and just chat about life. Last night I had a meeting about my mission trip to Mexico in July and I was supposed to work today but I got a phone call at 5 am that we were over staffed and they're letting me stay home "on-call" instead. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that my phone doesn't ring any time soon!
Katy and I at Table Mesa
And finally, I want to wish my baby...err little... (I guess neither apply because he towers over me at 6ft tall) brother a VERY happy 22nd Birthday today! I can't believe he is 22... makes me feel super old!
My brother, Adam, with Hudson as a newborn!
Happy Weekend, y'all!!!


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