How I Save Monday-- Crazy Egg Fiasco!

I went to Walgreens yesterday and picked up some good deals.
Bluebell $6.99
Lysol toilet cleaner b1g1 free $2.99 each, -$1/2 mfc= $1.99 for both
All laundry detergent Sale $3.99-$1 mfc= $2.99
Complete lens cleaner $7.99, RR $8= FREE
Milk $3.49
Cottonelle Sale $5 -$1 mfc -$1 wgc= $3
Smart Water Sale 3/$3
Jet Dry $3.49 -$1.50 mfc= $2.99 + $1.50 RR= $1.49
U by Kotex Sale $3.99-$3 RR= $0.99

Total before savings: $56.57
I also used a $5/$35 coupon that I got off of Walgreens facebook (this is why I bought the milk and ice cream, because I was going to buy it this week anyways but needed my total to be over $35 after coupons)
I paid: $31.93 and got back $12.50 in RR
like paying: $19.43 for all of the above
66% savings

Then this morning, Hudson and I went to Target...

Shout Color Catchers with Oxy $3.89- $1 mfc -$1 tgc= $1.89
Kool-Aid (15) $0.22 each, I bought 15, $3.30-$1.25 mfc= $2.05 total
Hormel Lunch meat $2.41 each, -2/$0.50 off =$3.82 for both
Starbucks Via Iced Coffee $7.14-$2 tgc= $5.14
Ring O's Chicken Nuggets Clearance= $2.78
Oatmeal Medleys (2) $1.79 each -$0.50 mfc and $1/2 tgc= $2.58
Nivea cans (2) $0.89 each=$1.78 total
Nivea lotion $4.22 -$2 mfc= $2.22
There is a deal right now when you buy three you get a $5 Target Gift Card, so I made $1
Classico Pasta Sauce (2) $1.89 each -$1/2 mfc= $2.78 total
Market Pantry Pasta $1.09
Market Pantry Tomato Sauce $1.32- $1/pasta and sauce= both for $1.41
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter tub (2) $2.69 each -2/$1.25 mfc= $2.41 total
Another deal for free eggs with 2 ICBINB (above), Eggs $1.99=FREE
Sobe life water $10/10 +$5 Target giftcard=$5/10
Up and Up sandwich bags $2.49

Total before savings:$62
I paid: $39.84 and got back $10 in gift cards
Like paying $29.84
52% savings

So for all of our groceries this week I paid $49.87 and saved $69.35...
This is MUCH better than the $100+ I spend usually...

Ok now to explain the title of this post. As I was walking out to the car at Target and looking over my receipt, I noticed that I didn't get my eggs for free. Now let me back track a bit, I was going to get the deal last week but they were completely out of eggs and butter by the time I got there on Tuesday. So I was happy to see that they were in stock of the butter and running low on the eggs, but still some there. What I neglected to notice was that the sign said "grade A large eggs" and was placed in front of the "grade A extra large eggs" that I had picked up.... so that is why they didn't ring up right. So with a very antsy toddler in tow, I trotted back over to the eggs to find ONE container of the large eggs left that had a BROKEN egg. At this point Hudson also started pulling off his shoes and throwing them... and so I was willing to pull out all stops to get my deal and get the heck out of there. I asked the lady that was helping me if I could switch the broken egg in the one container for an unbroken one in another container that already contained a broken egg, she did it, scanned it for me to make sure it was the right eggs, and sent me on my merry way. Thumbs up for the Target Customer Service!

Another side note, they were also out of the Shout with Oxy when I made my first pass and I asked the sales lady if she knew if they had any or when they would get more in. I've noticed before that Monday mornings are usually when they are restocking... she told me that she had no clue. So right before I left I swung back by there and wa-la they had appeared nice and neatly on the shelf where they belonged!

Last side note, have you all tried the Starbucks Via Iced Coffee packets??? The girl at Starbucks talked us into them yesterday when we were making our daily iced coffee run. I had my first one this morning and it was delicious!!!!! Our Venti Iced Coffees cost us around $3 each. I just got a box of 7 for $5 (with coupons at target)... making them $0.71 each. I am ashamed to admit this but we have spent $25 at Starbucks on Iced Coffees in the last week. So this is a HUGE savings for us! $5 a week instead of $25, I'll take it! Over a year that would save us $1040. Holy cow!

In other news, Hudson is getting over being sick and I am starting to get sick... does it ever end?!

Happy Monday, Y'all!


  1. I made PW's iced coffee this morning, and it rocks. I have about 3/4 of a gallon in the fridge now. I'm happy.

  2. Hey Jenna! I have *misplaced* my cell phone here in Florida so I have no way of getting a hold of you. Anyway...I just wanted to be good on my part and let you know as far in advance as possible that the 15th probably isn't going to work. We have been busy busy and I totally forgot to check my book (i'm not in work mode these days! :) ) but I know I am very booked when I get I hate to promise you something and make you wait just to tell you at the last minute I have nothing. so I would try and get in with someone else. Need suggestions for hair stylists? I have several hair buddies I would recommend.
    Thanks for being patient with me!


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