How I Save... a teeny bit late and other news...

Let me just start by clearing some things up... I have now been asked not once, but 2 times in the last week if I haven't been blogging because I have a "secret" that I am trying to keep... and both times it just makes me laugh because I really don't have any excuse for my lack of blogging except for the fact that my life has been CRAZY busy these past few weeks...

which leads me to this...
like I need the reminder...

So this week Hudson and I went out and did our shopping on Tuesday, and these are the deals that we came home with...

Walgreens first...
Kleenex 3/$3... not a super great deal, but we were out and all have runny noses!
Purex Sale $2.49-$1 mfc= $1.49
Cotonelle $5-$1 wgc -$0.50 mfc= $3.50
Starbucks Refreshers Sale $0.99 - $1 mfc -$1 RR= $1 money maker
Laffy taffy $0.15 (filler)

Total before Sales and Coupons $18
I used my $8 RR from last week and paid just $0.14 for all of the above and left with $1 in RR!

Then we went by Target...
Zone Perfect Bars $4.39/box -$1/2 mfc= $7.78 for both (needed these)
Cascade $3.99 -$0.50= $3.49 (needed this)
Betty Crocker Cake Mix Clearance $1.13 each or $2.26 total
MP Chicken Burritos $0.89 each -$1 mfc= $0.80 total

Simple face wipes (new, love these) $3.99-$1 mfc= $2.99
Nivea Radiant lotion $6.99-$2 mfc -$1 tgc=$3.99
Jergens glow sunscreen $8.29 -$1 mfc -$1.50 tgc= $5.79
Bic Razors (needed these, my fav) $4.99- $3 mfc= $1.99
Up and Up make up brush $1.99-$0.75 tgc= $1.24
ALSO used a -$3 off any $20 of beauty purchases target coupon which means $13 for two self tanning lotions, a pkg of razors, a makeup brush and face wipes... pretty sweet deal!

Up Baby Lotion $1.49-$1 mfc= $0.49
Up and Up ibuprofen $0.99-$1 tgc= FREE
Up and Up wipes $1.64- $0.75 tgc= $0.89
Wet ones $1.29-$0.75 mfc= $0.54

Total before savings $57
I then used my 2 $5 gift cards from last week and ended up with a total of $21.23

In other news, the fabulous Blaire Perry did our family pictures on Tuesday night, just a few days before she moves away from NWA... we are thrilled to see them in a few weeks but sad she is moving away!

Hudson LOVES to brush his teeth, this is after his bath before pics!

And this is me being silly after I got ready for our pics! Hudson actually slept long enough for me to curl my hair, score!!

Have a Super Fabulous Friday! 
PS comment and let me know how you've been saving lately, I'll be doing a post next week with some great tips and I would love to include yours!


  1. Wow! You look just like your sweet momma in that last picture. I always think you look like her but that picture could totally pass as your mom! :)

  2. Such a great picture! You did amazing I love seeing how much I can save!


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