Hudson's blanket, please help!

Its dark brown fleece on the back
Ok friends... This is Hudson's "blankey" and this is a desperate plea to all you other moms of little ones out there if you possibly have this blanket in your closet we would LOVE to buy it from you. It is from two falls ago at target and I can't find the exact same blanket anywhere and Hudson won't sleep without it and we need a backup! I bought one in another color and that doesn't work either.

I know I have like 20 extra blankets in Hudson's closet that he wants nothing to do with. So I am hoping that MAYBE someone has this blanket in their son's closet that isn't being loved on. I tried so hard before he was born to predetermine his "lovey"... we bought these cute little green frog blankets at pottery barn kids and I got 4 of them. One for each of our parent's houses and two for at home, and of course he wants nothing to do with them and this is the "lovey" he chose. I have searched Amazon, Ebay and all over the internet. If you have this blanket I will pay double what it is worth, ha! Please let me know!

PS Janet is doing great, I will update with more on that later!


  1. this is hilarious!
    but really, don't worry too much. He will get over it if you can't find another one (or even lose this one) way faster than you probably think. Kids are so resilient and they understand a lot more than we give them credit for.
    He'd have a rough little bit and then, since it's out of sight/out of mind, he'll totally forget about it.

  2. Oh I feel your pain!!!

    My oldest had to have tubes put in his ears as an 8 month old. At the hospital when we checked in they gave him this green frog beanie baby (but off brand) wash cloth type stuffy. He had every type of stuffy you could imagine at home, and this wasn't even one I'd been okay with him having because it had beans in it, what if he chewed a hole in it or something. Of course Froggy became the thing we could not leave the house without. Fast forward till the year he was 3.5 We were on a family trip, when along the way we ran into a walmart to get more picnic supplies and froggy "Jumped" out of the basket unnoticed. We continued to not notice until we'd driven for approximately 3 hours. Oh the shreaking and the anguish felt by all forced to ride in the car with the kid whom lost his best friend.

    I made the frantic call to walmart, I described in great detail our froggy friend. Luckily he still had his hospital bracelet they put on him when Alex had surgery that said name "froggy" owner "alex" I called every few hours and no one had turned him in. I spent several days of our beach vacation scoring the internet for a frog just like froggy, trying to bride my son into loving something else, listen to him cry himself to sleep night after night...

    We ended up hitting the same walmart on purpose on our return drive home, and to our luck he'd gotten swept up by the sweapers and turned into lost and found when it was obvious it wasn't something for sale.

    Alex is almost 10 now, and I'm totally not admitting that he still sleeps with froggy every night, I mean, how could I embarrass him like that?

    We never did find another froggy either.

    My middle son never had an item of attachement. At least not the kind that doesn't eat and breathe. His choice of attachment was me, which was even harder than keeping up with a frog. I'd love to say that at 7, this attachment has lessoned at a healthy rate, but then I'd have to deny that my 7 year old sat on the couch crying "I don't want you to leave mommy, don't leave mommy, please" and then proceeded to cry "I want mommy" so long last night at my parents house that when I called to check in he was still crying (nearly an hour later) and I came home early from my work out class because oh my heart, I just cant take it.

    The youngest, has a horse. it's part horse, part blanket. I bought it on clearance at a local store, I have found many similar but none that are exactly the same. Problem with him is he doesn't JUST have the horse, he grows extremely attached to everything he gets his hands on. I only allow him to carry one out of the house, which is normally his choice of the horse. If he chooses something else the horse goes in the diaper bag because at 2, if he gets upset he wants the horse, despite choosing to bring his duck instead.

    Good luck finding a spare blanket...whats the company that makes it?

  3. i'm the above Anonymous commenter. Try i've looked around some for you, they have a place to post a replacement needed post. good luck


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