Ok y'all. Maybe I am a little late to jump on the bandwagon... but I just watched this video on youtube and oh my goodness, I just lost it. It was SO sweet. You could tell this girl had NO idea and that she was so joyful. What a very special thing her boyfriend did for her! Youtube won't let me embed this video but here is the link:

So in honor of this super cute video... and since I have never posted my engagement video anywhere (not even on facebook...) I thought I would share it with you guys today!

So here is my engagement video from 4 years ago... a little back ground info... Bryan was an intern with the youth at our church for a few years. This all took place right before the big spring event, Springfest, which is like a mini Olympics for teens. They always get in teams and design fun t-shirts with funny team names... hence the shirts every was wearing... and YES... I had absolutely no clue and was totally surprised (my mom said she knew I didn't know because when I left the house I hadn't washed my hair--hahaha!). He had even arranged for my parents, grandparents and best friends to be there... and my SIL to be drove 4 hours like a crazy woman and made it about five minutes before it happened. It was a great surprise!

April 30, 2008... The third most best day of my life... (after Hudson's birth and my wedding day)

enjoy :)

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. How sweet! We don't have any video, but we took pictures from ours! The video is too sweet!

  2. I remember watching it the first time and crying. This time, I smiled all through it. Love to all of you. Aunt Jean

  3. That is the sweetest thing ever! I just cried like a baby! What a great memory to have captured!

  4. this makes me happy! and i got chills

  5. Oh man - I totally cried during that youtube one.


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