How I Save Monday!

First of all... for those of you following my MIL, Janet's blog/story... she is back in the hospital as of yesterday with cellulitis in her arm! You can check out her latest post here.

Second of all... I got some good deals at Target this morning!

Lean Cuisines: $1.97 each -$1/2 mfc=$2.94 total
Shout Color Catchers: $3.89 each -2/$1 mfc and $1/2 tgc= $4.78 total
Gold Bond mini powder: $0.97 - $1 mfc= FREE
Finish Quantum (love these): $3.14-$0.75 mfc=$2.39
Iams sample dog food: $3 each but they each have a $3 off mfc inside to use on a big bag so I see these as free dog food!
Starbucks Via (new obsession and SO much cheaper than going to SB):$7.14 each-$3 mfc=$11.28 total for 14 drink mixes ($0.80/drink vs $3 at SB!)
Dr Pepper 10: Sale 2/2.50-$1/2 mfc=$1.50 for both
Revlon Lip Butter $6.49-$3 tgc-$2 mfc=$1.49
Revlon nail polish: $3.99-$2 tgc wyb beauty tool -$1 mfc= $0.99
Revlon mini Tweezer kit: $5.99-$1 mfc=$4.99
Vinegar: $0.97-$1 mfc= FREE (not pictured)

Total of $57.58 before coupons and savings I paid $36.26 (not including the savings from the future dog food purchase and the absence of Starbucks runs!)

We had a fab weekend spending time with family. I'll update more details soon!

Happy Monday!


  1. Ok. I have been keeping up with your blog for a while now. Where do you get your coupons?

  2. Thanks for following my blog! I usually get them from the Sunday newspaper, and then the store specific coupons I get from like! :)


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