Happy 22.5 Months Hudson!

Ok this is very delayed... but Hudson is doing so many cute things right now that I just had to write about it!

-Hudson is extremely talkative. Everything is "digs", "trucks", "cars", "beep beep", "mommy", "daddy"... and lots of other words. I love is because his sentences are usually... "isa mommy" (its mommy) or "isa mawmar" (it's walmart)... and Mama and Walmart sound exactly the same, so usually I just have to listen closely to see what he is actually talking about.

-He loves to pretend. He has two little plastic people that he calls "mommy" and "daddy". Today I was on the phone and I heard him saying/getting frustrated "MOMMY! DIG!"... and I started to respond and then realized that he was mad because the little "mommy" wasn't staying in the tractor like he wanted. He also likes to pretend he is bringing everyone snacks.
-He is SO passionate. I've said it before and I will say it again. It is SO funny. Today at Wal-Mart I was having the lady slice cheese and turkey at the deli and Hudson saw the cheese and got so excited and started yelling..."CHEESE! CHEESE!!" and then waving and "HI CHEESE!" and then started blowing the cheese kisses. Hilarious I tell you.
Photo credit to Blaire Perry
-He is an acrobat and a daredevil. Last night he flung himself off of the couch on top of his little fire truck, and it left a huge mark... today he was trying to do it again. I'm afraid I've got my hands full.
-He loves puzzles and animals. He knows all of the animal sounds now and it is so cute.
-Potty training... He tells me he has to poop about every hour. It actually happens in the potty about every other day. I don't think he is quite there yet, but we are still working on it.
-His newest thing is telling me that he is "appy" or happy. I love hearing why he is happy. Today when I asked him why he was happy he said "mommy" and patted my face. Makes every minute of being a mommy worth it.
Here I am at 23 months to compare with Hudson... look alike??
-We cut off the curls on Monday. It made me sad but I was tired of him being called a little girl. When I do have a little girl one day, she will be wearing bows so people won't get confused.
New Haircut
-At night when I ask him if he wants me to read him a story he gets so excited and climbs up in the chair in his room. We read and then daddy comes in and sings to him. We've started praying with him every night and now he will close his eyes and say "AMEN". Love.

My heart is just so full with my love for this child. He makes every day so fun. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world, but by far the most rewarding.

Sweet baby boy, you will be TWO in just 46 days. I feel like it was just yesterday that we found out you were joining our family and now I don't know what we ever did without you. God knew what he was doing when he gave you to me and daddy. You help me remember to stop and enjoy every minute of the day and you're the perfect "little buddy" (as he calls you) for your daddy to play with. Every day is more and more fun with you. I love you, Hudson Charles. Never ever lose that passion.



  1. Jenna, tears are running down my face, as I know what wonderful parents Hudson has who love him and will raise him to know the Lord. Proud of you both, and love you all so much. This is such a sweet blog. Love you and take care of yourself as well as everyone else. I miss you guys after being with you. I like the hair cut, and understand why you got it cut, but I loved those curls, they were truly beautiful. He looks boyish now, though. Much love, Gma J


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