How I Save--Back to School...

Ok... I'm posting some savings again this week! I went and got some great deals at Staples this morning on school/work supplies.

2 writing pads: Reg. $1.49, SALE $0.01 each
2 Avery Insert able dividers (not pic): Reg. $1.49, SALE $0.01 each
Multipurpose paper: $6.99 each, $5.99 rebate on each
Bicmatic grip pencils: $4.29, $4.29 rebate
Velocity pens: Reg. $2.49 each, SALE $0.25 each
Grip Animal Pens: Reg. $4 each, SALE $1 each

Total Retail: $25
I got all of the above for $4.54 after EASY online rebates
I donated the dividers in the in store school supply community donation box
82% Savings!

I LOVE new pens. Especially at the hospital because I can never find mine! So I figured I got a bunch of pens and pencils for less that what one pkg of paper at Wal-mart would cost... and now I have lots of paper to print more coupons on!

Then we ventured to Gap!
I got Hudson some more fall stuff... they are running an extra 40% off of all kids sale stuff, which is AWESOME!

Khaki roll ups: Reg. $30, I paid $7.78
Jeans: Reg. $30, I paid $8.39
Jeans: Reg. $30, I paid $10.79
Shorts (for next summer): Reg. $20, I paid $5.99
Sport shorts: Reg. $14.50, I paid $5.99
Shirt: Reg. $17, I paid $3.58
Jacket: Reg. $30, I paid $10.79
Dress shirt for B: Reg. $50, I paid $12.59

And then I also got some newborn stuff for baby shower gifts and the total retail of all of it was $103 and I paid $30! (Not pictured since they are gifts!)

Total Retail: $324, I paid $92 and used my Gap card so I will get another $10 in the mail!

71% Savings before $10 in the mail!


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