15 weeks, baby girl name and a new car!

Sporting my headband from my friend Brittany to church yesterday!

10 weeks on L, 15 weeks on R
How Far Along: 15 weeks
Size of baby: Baby is the size of an Avocado
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Down 6 lbs, so a 1lb gain this week.
Maternity Clothes: Yes but mainly at home in reg t-shirts and lots of my yoga pants.
Gender: we don't know and are not finding out! I still think boy.
Movement: Yes, not anything regular, but every few days, usually when I am laying down at night.
Sleep: Still really not sleeping great, but I think that is because of allergies, boo.
What I miss: sleeping comfortably
  Cravings: Nothing specific this week
Symptoms: acid reflux
Best Moment this week: feeling the baby move still, I love it!
And I thought I would update y'all on our weekend! It was the first weekend in a long time that Bryan hasn't had ANY photo shoots so we really just chilled and got stuff done around the house. Also, we sold our VW a few weeks ago... it was very bittersweet because we absolutely loved it, but it honestly wasn't big enough for our growing family. Bryan had posted it on Autotrader, and we had someone offer us the amount that we wanted, so we have been a one car family for a few weeks while we were  finding something else! Thankfully my dad let us borrow his truck so it wasn't so bad. Last Thursday, we went to a local car store and found the exact car we'd been looking for. It is definitely big enough for us, two kiddos and two big dogs-- because it has a third row and it had very low miles on it AND we are actually saving a little money for what I think is a nicer car. Win-win. If you're looking for a nice used car in NWA you should check out Autowerks. They were SO nice and easy to work with. I hate car shopping and they made the process as painless as possible.
My new Mazda CX-9
Saturday we got up and ran some errands. We spent most of the morning working in the yard and cleaning out the garage. We also finally went and got our new pictures framed to hang in the living room. 

Blaire Perry did AMAZING, and I love how they look
Hudson played in his new sandbox for two hours while we did yard work. It was his bday present from my parents, and he loves it!

Yesterday, we got up and went to church and then went to eat lunch with B's family. Then while Hudson napped, I decided to work on a baby blanket that I have wanted to master. I didn't have enough fabric for a large blanket, so I decided to make a sample lovey that would be for baby b2 is it is a girl! I think it turned out pretty good... and no, Hudson didn't end up napping which made it a little more difficult.

So yes, we have decided on a baby girl name. Her name will be Henley Kate. I love how Hudson and Henley sound together. As for a baby boy name, it is still up in the air. We already used our favorite boy name... I will keep you posted. 

That is it for now, H is at school and I need to get working on my school work, boo! 

Happy Fall, Y'all!!


  1. Good going with the car, Jenna! The Mazda CX-9 offers at lot of cargo and passenger space, which you will need once the child comes out. You’ll have to be lugging a change of clothes, diapers, the whole shebang! And what’s even better about it is it has great safety features. It has a child seat lower anchorage, electronic stability control, and advanced airbag features. This definitely suits a big family just like yours. Anyway, congrats on your future baby! Keep us posted!


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