Happy 2nd Birthday Hudson!!!

It's so hard to believe that I am actually writing this post already. It seems like just yesterday my sweet Hudson Charles was born.
1 day old
 Or even like we were just celebrating his 1st birthday...
1 year old!
But it is actually time to start writing about you being TWO years old!
Hudson Charles,
YOU are the light of my life. I have said it before and I will say it again... God made ME to be YOUR momma... you bring me so much joy and have made me such a happier person in your short two years of life so far. You are adventurous and crazy, and every speck of your soul is ALL boy.
You are your daddy's boy. You want daddy to do everything for you and with you... but what you may or may not know is that you are your daddy's pride and joy. He calls you his little buddy, and I really enjoy seeing you two together. He loves being with you and when we aren't with you most of the time we talk about the things you do.

In the past few weeks you have started sleeping in your big boy bed. You have done WAY better than I ever expected. The cutest thing lately is that you've been saying your own prayers which usually begin with "mommy, daddy, mommy, daddy..." and then you start naming other people.
H swimming with Grammy.
You LOVE your grandparents. I have never seen you as excited as when we tell you you're going to get to see them. It is very sweet.
Drumming with G-pa

You go to the doctor next week for your 2 year old check up... I think you weigh around 28 lbs. You still wear size 4 diapers and mostly 18 month clothes (some 12 month!). All the 2t/24 month stuff is still really big.
Lately, since mommy is pregnant and usually exhausted in the afternoon, we have started a new tradition after naps of eating popcorn (you call it pop-pop) together and watching old movies. So far we have watched Mary Poppins and Sound of Music... along with Cars, Lion King (your fav), and Finding Nemo. I enjoy this time with you so much. I am looking forward to cooler weather and feeling better so we can spend afternoons outside.

You still have so much passion in your little heart. You get so excited about the littlest things and love to tell mommy and daddy to "WOOK!" at all the cool things you see. Every night for the last week you've asked us to take you outside before bed to look at the moon. My prayer for you is always that you will take that passion and develop it for Christ when you're older. I know God can use your joy and excitement to do so much in His kingdom.

We had a great time at your birthday party last night and today Daddy and I are making the whole day all about you. We are taking you for donuts for breakfast, then to look at the animals at Cabelas. This afternoon we plan on spending more time with Hudson's favorite people-- his grandparents.

You just keep blessing us more every single day. I can't wait until you have a new little brother or sister to play with but I am cherishing these last few months of you being an only child.

Sweet baby big boy, my heart is full this morning as I remember the morning two years ago when you were born. My life has never been the same and my heart has never felt so full. When I kissed your little face for the first time I had no idea the number of kisses that would come in the next two years and my very favorite thing is when you hold our faces and give us lots of kisses.

Stay sweet son. Keep your passion for life. I can't wait to spend the whole day celebrating you!



  1. Happy happy birthday sweet boy!

  2. Huddy hud! Happy Birthday big boy! Jenna, you need to print this post out and keep it forever for him!

  3. Same way I felt about your uncles and dad, and it has never changed. The way you want them to know the LOrd and live their lives for him, and how you pray for them every day. I love your sweet posts, and although my "babies" are all 35 years and up, it hasn't changed, my feelings are the same as when they were my little ones at home with us. Love you all. Gma J


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