Target Savings!

So I haven't done a "How I Save" post in months... which may lead you to believe that I haven't been saving... that is sort of the case, I have picked it back up the past few weeks... but I am never without my coupons!

So H and I ventured to Target after he decided that he thought his 3 min car nap was adequate for the day-- it wasn't... and this is what we bought.

Safety first cabinet locks: $3.49
Glade mist: $2.99 -$1 tgc -$2 mfc=FREE
Method kitchen cleaner (LOVE this stuff): Sale $2.69 -$1 mfc= $1.69
Method trial laundry detergent: $2.99-$2 mfc peelie from cleaner=$0.99
Leopard Print flats: $14.99 (this is the whole reason I wanted to go to Target today)
Shells and Cheese: $1.99 each -$1/2 tgc= $3 for both (B's fav food)
Fruit cups:$1.97 (one of the 6 things Hudson will eat)
Crescent rolls: Sale $1.67
Skintimate: Sale $2.24 - $0.55 mfc=$1.74
Biore strips: $5.89
Biore cleanser:$5.99- B1G1 free MFC= $5.89 for both + $5 Target Gift Card= $0.89 for both

Total before savings:$55
Total after coupons:$35.35 + $5 gc
Percent savings: 45% Savings

I used $15 worth of gift cards from last week which brought my total down to $20.35 and got back a $5 gift card.

As a side note, the shoes and cabinet locks weren't on sale but they were things I needed. It is obvious why I needed the shoes... target's flats are my absolute fav and I wore my other ones out last year! And I haven't had my cabinets locked since Hudson became mobile because I always keep a good eye on him and he hasn't ever messed with it... but he has started opening doors and I decided it was time for a lock under the kitchen sink in case he snuck out in the middle of the night/naps... I know this prob makes me a bad momma since I hadn't done it yet, but they're locked now! (And I bet a million dollars that B won't be able to open them either, which will be a good excuse not to clean, ha!)

AND I should have saved the giftcard for next week... but I got one of these instead since we skipped naps today. I did share some with Hudson too.
Salted Carmel Chocolate Frappe! Super delish!


  1. Does Target allow combining mfc and their coupons for their products?? I did not know that if they do. I will do that next time.


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