Weekend Recap!

Our weekend started Friday night, when Hudson decided not to sleep... again... from the hours of 2-4 am. So we snuggled and watched TV for awhile and then slept in... we are in this stage now where he is getting up out of his bed and coming into our room in the middle of the night. We have started locking his door (we still have the video monitor but I don't like that he can get out and potentially not wake me up and have free reign over the whole house) but it is getting ridiculous with the amount of times he gets up at bedtime/in the night. We have tried spanking (doesn't work) and taking him back to bed without talking/acknowledging him (jury is still out on this). Anyone else have any ideas?

 I've been sick going on a week now, and instead of getting better, I really feel like it is just getting worse. I'm coughing, sore throat, headache... the whole shabang. I worked overtime last week because we were short staffed so I was REALLY worn out this weekend, and we really just had a low key weekend, it was nice. Saturday we went to lunch at a new restaurant named "Which wich" it was really good! Then we ran some errands and bought Hudson his late b-day present...
This diggy! He loves it! It was on clearance at Wal-Mart and his daddy couldn't resist. I think I have heard the words "ride dig" 2937461 times since we bought it... but I am glad he loves it so much.

I woke up this morning feeling a million times worse. So I finally found my little pregnancy booklet that they give at your first apt and figured out there WERE some meds I could take. So I am armed now with Mucinex and some Robitussin so I hopefully don't cough the night away tonight. We rearranged furniture in our house today too to start transforming our office into the nursery... I think it is going to turn out really cute. We have our 16 wk check up on Tuesday and that means we get to schedule our big ultrasound! Even though we're not finding out the baby's sex, I am still so so excited. I keep wondering if this baby will look like Hudson did as a newborn.

That is it for tonight. Please let me know if you have toddler advice, as I have been writing this I think he came out of his room 12 times, not kidding.


  1. Both girls went through phases where they would come out of their bed. Aubrey's middle of the night phase lasted about a month and a half. We just did what you are doing, told her it was "night night time" and to stay in her bed. One night she finally decided to stop. It's no fun!


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