16 and 17 weeks! Late, Ah!

16 weeks
17 weeks
How Far Along: 16/17 weeks
Size of baby: Baby is the size of a sweet potato/apple
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Down about 3 lbs still... but that means I am starting to gain
Maternity Clothes: Yes!
Gender: we don't know and are not finding out! I still think boy.
Movement: Yes, every night and I've started feeling the baby during the day too!
Sleep: Not sleeping well, but it has been because I've been sick not because of the baby.
What I miss: sleeping comfortably
  Cravings: apples and yogurt
Symptoms: acid reflux!!!
Best Moment this week: Heard baby's heartbeat last week, it was 154 and our dr would have taken us for an ultrasound but B still doesn't want to know what baby is so we didn't do it. Our big ultrasound is scheduled in two weeks! Yay!
I have been SO sick this last week. I don't know what I had/have but I am on two antibiotics and am finally feeling like myself again... Whatever it was started as allergies and turned into bronchitis or something along those lines... anyways, that is why my posts are late... and I'll be 18 weeks in 3 days so I will have to do another one then! AH!


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