21 weeks

This is not going to be a typical 21 week update. I am writing more right now to just explain what is going on in my life...

First of all... Jordan's wedding was Saturday and it was incredible! I will have photos to share later...

Second of all... I ended up at the hospital last night with excruciating pain under my ribs. I have been having this pain for about three weeks now and they had done some labs on me to see if they could see anything wrong with my gall bladder, and everything was negative. At that point in time I decided unless I couldn't move, I needed to make it through Jordan's wedding, and I did. So around 4 pm yesterday when I started having horrible 10/10 pain we decided to head to the ER to have it checked out. The Lord was working things out before we even got there. At my hospital there is a labor and delivery triage separate from the ER. I had to visit there a few times when I was pregnant with Hudson but it wasn't until later in my pregnancy. Lucky for us, we got to skip the whole ER waiting room and head up to L and D because everyone goes there if they are past 20 weeks! Woo. Also, my OB who already knew all about what was going on ended up being on call yesterday so we got to actually see her, which was SO nice. She sent me for an xray of my ribs because I had a pretty bad respiratory infection a few weeks ago and there was a possibility that I could have bruised or broken a rib from coughing... they gave me some percocet and sent us on our merry way last night. I just got the phone call that my ribs are ok, so they are leaning more towards gall bladder now. I started throwing up this morning which also is a sign of gall bladder problems. So I have an appointment with the surgeon to discuss options on Wednesday...

I say all of this to say... I am terrified. I don't want to have to have surgery but I am in such horrible pain that I am ready to just get it taken care of. I know the Lord has a plan and that this is according to His will, I am just asking for prayers. Surgery is scary enough when you aren't pregnant but when there is a baby to consider it just makes it that much worse. I will update when we know more!


  1. praying for you jenna and the baby!!

  2. Love you much and will be praying. Will pray God will take away the fright and fill you with His peace. : ) Aunt Jean

  3. yikes! will keep you in my prayers!


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