22 weeks!

I am 22 weeks today! Ah! I have no pictures to post because in my post-surgery state my hair has been in a pony tail and I have had ZERO makeup on. Maybe if I decide to get pretty later this week I will post one then...

How Far Along: 22 weeks
Size of baby: Baby weighs 1 lb, size of a spaghetti squash
Total Weight Gain/Loss: looks like +1 lb but that may be just due to air/fluids in surgery... we will see at my dr apt next week!
Maternity Clothes: Oh yes! And this week I have lived in my VS boyfriend fit sweat pants that ride low because anything on my belly hurts!
Gender: Sweet baby boy!
Movement: Yes, lots and lots of movement.
Sleep: just had surgery... everything hurts.
What I miss: being comfortable in general
  Cravings: not a whole lot. Subway?
Symptoms: My gall bladder is gone and so is my gall bladder pain! No other pregnancy symptoms to note this week.
Best Moment this week: Waking up from surgery and hearing baby's heart beat at a strong 140 on the doppler and knowing that he made it through just fine!


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