23 weeks!

22.5 weeks!
Date night, almost 23 weeks. Laughing because none of my coats fit
How Far Along: 23 weeks
Size of baby: Baby weighs 1 1/4 lbs, just over 8 inches long (doll sized according to WTE)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: still about even according to my scale but I go to the OB tomorrow.
Maternity Clothes: Oh yes! mostly leggings.
Gender: Sweet baby boy! We still can't agree on a name... I looked back on my blog last night and we decided on Hudson's name when I was 25 weeks... so maybe soon??
Movement: Yes, lots and lots of movement.
Sleep: ugh... still not comfortable
What I miss: being comfortable in general
  Cravings: nothing specific this week
Symptoms: Some numbness in my hands but I think this is the best I have felt my whole pregnancy so far!
Best Moment this week: Hudson understands the fact that he is having a brother now (we think) and he loves kissing my tummy and talking to brother. Every night he prays for brother and says "I wuv broder". This morning he told brother to come out and play with him. So sweet... but I am betting that once he is actually here Hudson will want him back in! haha!
 I finally got all of the crib bedding in and on his crib! I love love love it!!!! One step closer to having the nursery done!!  


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