Surgery Recovery!

My surgery on Thursday went great. The recovery has been a little rougher than I was hoping but I am actually starting to feel human again today. My gall bladder pain is completely gone, so that is wonderful! As soon as the soreness from the surgery is gone, I see my pain being a zero! The surgeon said that my gall bladder showed some scar tissue but that they were sending it off to be biopsied to see what was causing the pain. I am just glad to know that it was causing my pain and now it is GONE! Baby and I both took a bit to come completely out of anesthesia, He woke up about 8 p.m. Thursday night, and I have never been happier to feel him move. They monitored his heart beat before and after surgery so we knew all was ok, I just wanted to feel him move around again. I go back to the surgeon on Wednesday to hopefully get released back to work.

Thank you all so much for the prayers! I already feel better and know this was the right choice!

One more thing I want to mention, My friend Leah has a new etsy store, Unfading Beauty, where she does custom prints that are SO cute! You guys need to check it out!


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