Bryan and I met with the general surgeon this morning to talk about my pain. He immediately pointed to the exact place of my pain and described to a T all of the problems I was having. Since all of my tests were negative he gave us the option to do one more ultrasound that could possibly show more but it still wasn't going to be anything definitive. So since my pain has been so bad we decided to opt out of that test and he felt confident that my gall bladder was the source of my pain and that I would feel SO much better after that sucker was out of there. He told us that there were minimal risks to the baby and that they like to do this between 18-24 weeks of pregnancy due to the baby's size and since I am 21 weeks it ended up being perfect timing (if that exists). I should get to come home tomorrow night and only be off of work for a week... and this is the first time I can honestly say that I am SO glad that we already met our deductible for the year because this procedure is barely costing anything! God is good!

So I am having my gall bladder taken out tomorrow morning at 11:45 at Washington Regional (where I work). This is another time when I am so grateful that we have family here. My grandma K had to come on short notice today and stay with Hudson while I was at the Dr appointment because he started running a fever last night and couldn't go to school today. I have enjoyed snuggles with my sweet boy today. My MIL, Janet, is keeping Hudson for us tomorrow and then will stay with me and Hudson on Friday. My mom will be with us at the hospital tomorrow, and my dad, who is out of town hunting, is driving 6 hours home tonight to be at the hospital with us too. I am so so thankful for our family.

I really do have a peace about the surgery and know that this was part of God's plan from day 1. The baby and I are in His hands. I am just asking for your prayers tomorrow that everything runs smoothly and that the baby and I both come out of surgery wonderfully! I have been thankful to hear from other mommas who've had to have the same thing while pregnant, I guess it is pretty normal!

I'll update on the flip side. Thanks for the prayers! God is so so good.


  1. so happy you have your answer! pray everything goes smoothly tomorrow!

  2. I had my gallbladder out in 2009 and the procedure was really easy and I had a good recovery. I did milk it a little so I could get 2 weeks off work though haha :) Since I've had it removed my stomach has never hurt like it used to. And it hurt ALL the time. It took years to finally figure out what the problem was!! I'll be praying for you tomorrow!!!

  3. declaring you and Bryan's angels are gathered around you on that surgery table, standing as intercession on your behalf! And praying for that sweet baby and his protection! I'm so happy you will no longer be in pain. Nothing worse:( Soon you'll be all better!


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