How I Save Monday!

I got some amazing deals at Target this morning! All of the Christmas stuff is 90% off which makes for some amazing deals!
I stocked up on some shirts for the boys for next Christmas... they were originally $9 each and I got them for $0.90 each! Wow!
And I got these cute body suits with matching hats for Rhett for next Christmas... originally $7 each and I got them for $0.70 each!
I also got four ornaments for the boys for next year. Originally the total for all 4 was $22, I paid just $2.20 for all 4! I paid $3.50 for both packages of hot dogs and $2 for all three yogurts (my new fav!). The Clorox stain remover was only $0.49 after coupons and I got an iPad speaker dock for $0.99. The cupcake rattles were originally $4.89 each and I got them for $0.48 each! Great baby gift to tie onto packages for all my friends having babies... and I will prob save one for Rhett too :)
These were prob my favorite savings! We are working on potty training and these Chuck trucks will make a perfect toy for a treat for going on the potty! They were originally $3.99 each and I scored them for just $0.39 each.

Total before savings: $113.21
I paid: $16.64

An 85% savings! Woo!


  1. OMG you did AMAZING!!! Wish there was a Target here I would be on the way there now!

  2. WOW I love hearing about couponing success! I am running to Target...right now! Thanks for sharing :)

    p.s. - I'm hosting a new link-up tomorrow called "Simply Positive Tuesdays" and its all about sharing the joyful things in your week. Check out my blog for all the deets :)


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