Bed rest

I haven't updated since I was put on modified bed rest. Last week I was having quite a few contractions so my doctor wanted me to take the weekend off and see how I felt this week. I went for my 35 week appointment on Tuesday and my blood pressure was high. It was 145/98 which is way higher than it has been this whole pregnancy. My doctor came in and automatically said I was done working, since this is the exact same time in my pregnancy that this happened with Hudson. They had me do a 24 hour urine to check to see if I was starting to have preeclampsia and had me come back the next day. I took it really easy on Wednesday but felt absolutely awful, I took a long nap before I went back to see the doctor that afternoon and when I woke up felt much better. My blood pressure was 110/80 which is MUCH better. My urine was negative for protein so I am just sticking to modified bed rest at home and monitoring my blood pressure periodically. So far at home it has been super low, which is great. I am 35 weeks and 5 days today, which means exactly a week from now is when I had Hudson.  I was dilated to a 1 on Tuesday and I am hoping to be progressing when I go back this Tuesday! I'd love for Rhett to make his appearance soon since I can't work right now and am kind of confined to being at home. The Lord is providing for us though because we found out last week that Bryan just got a promotion (and raise!!!) that started this week, perfect timing to make up for my income while I am off! God is good and I am SO proud of my husband!

Anyways, that is the update. I am mostly blogging this for my own memory... bed rest is a lot more interesting with a two year old! He has been so good this week though, I feel like he knows that I need to be resting. We are also both battling a silly cold so he has been pretty snugly too.

Bryan took me out to dinner for Valentines Day at our favorite restaurant last night. It was nice to get out of the house for a little while. We went to Table Mesa and then to Barnes and Noble. We were thankful that Janet and Tony wanted to have Hudson as their little Valentine while we went out... and here are some pictures of the last few days...
My first ever attempt at a sock bun for V-day

Daddy and Hudson reading the bible before bed, love it

Hudson got a ring pop and bracelet from his little friend in his class, when I gave it to him he said "look mom, I look pretty now!" ha ha ha

101 Dalmations is on Netflix now, we've been watching a lot of movies!


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