What to take to the hospital...

Being my second baby AND being a pediatric nurse in a hospital... I have packed a little differently this time.

Obviously you need to pack the essentials... in my big duffel I have underwear and socks for both me and my husband. This may sound silly, but Bryan has never let me forget that when we had Hudson I forgot to pack him socks, and since it was September he came in wearing sandals and then his feet froze in the AC... Some people may not need to pack for their husbands, but I do because our hospital is 30 min away and he stays with me the whole time. I have listed out everything else by bag...

 Big Duffel Bag
Underwear (at least two days worth)
T-shirts (Maternity still)
I am loving the Minna shirts from Gap. I have the long sleeved ones and have been livng in them. They're not maternity but long enough to cover so far.

These are my FAV pants from VS. Boyfriend fit. Love.
 Sweat Jacket
And this is my FAV jacket from VS. Has to be zip up, easy for nursing.

Night gown with robe
(I have a pink one similar to this) Photo credit
Nursing bras
Sweat pants, tshirts and underwear/socks for hubby
Whatever you want to wear in the hospital (I will be wearing sweats)
Easy shoes (I will be taking Toms)
Big brother/sister shirt for siblings (I want to know I have it so my family doesn't have to find it at the house for pictures)

Purse/Tote bag
iPad and charger
iPhone charger
Make up

Cosmetic Case

Mini toiletries. Don't forget hubby.
Tooth picks, scent stick, razor, contact case, lotion, qtips, headbands, hair ties and bobby pins (to keep the hair out of your face while pushing!), face wipes, wet wipes and a good mirror.
Nursing gear, breast shield (best invention ever), nursing pads and lanolin cream.

Maxi pads, the big mommas. If you have a Vaginal delivery you will need these. The hospital ones are fine but I'd prefer to not get charged $10/pad when I can use my own.

Blow dryer
Toothbrush and toothpaste

Diaper bag
 Two oufits (I have an outfit and two white onesies)
Coming home out fit
Burp Cloths
Blankets (love the Aden and Anais Muslin blankets)
Pacifier (I also don't want charged $10 for one of theirs)
handful of Size 1 diapers
baby lotion, baby kisses lip stuff and nail clippers

Also don't forget to have your car seat installed.

Let me also give you a few other pointers. I see no point in bringing bottles or formula. In our hospital you aren't charged for the formula so even if you aren't nursing these is no reason to bring this. I am nursing so I have packed my "nursing" essentials. The hospital has most of these things but since I work there I know how much they charge you for them. The nursery will probably use diapers from the hospital (it's pampers at my hospital which I am ok with) but I bring a few of my own too. They will charge you for their pacifiers so I bring my own. The hospital will have lotion, shampoo and all those essentials for you and the baby, but again, they will charge you for them and in my professional experience, I would rather use my own.

A few things that I think are worth being "charged" for...
-Blue Bulb Syringe... the hospital ones are the VERY best. I would even ask for an extra if it is your first baby.
-Mesh Panties. Amazing. Ask for extras to take home.
-Diapers. Because they probably aren't going to ask you and who cares.

Also don't forget to ask for samples. Lots of hospitals have freebie stuff to give out, you just have to know to ask.

Obviously, if you have forgotten anything it will probably be easy to ask friends or family to pick it up for you. My mom and MIL had to go buy me PJs and slippers when I had Hudson and they had to go buy clothes that were small enough for Hudson since he was so tiny, everything I had was too big. Thankfully Target is right across the street from our hospital but I am hoping to be a little more prepared this time.

Hope this helps if you're preparing for a delivery of your own. I packed my bags right at 34 weeks because I had Hudson at 36. I'd rather be prepared than try to tell my husband over the phone what to bring me. :)


  1. Holy cow! Didn't realize Rhett could be here so soon!
    Since you asked (ha!) I love/use/and highly recommend bamboo reusable nursing pads. I bought them from a store on eBay. They are SO SOFT, so much more absorbent than disposable ones, and a ONE TIME. You just wash them in the laundry. Money saver and nipple saver, hello! Comes in a package of 12.


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