Rhett-- 1 month old!

I seriously cannot believe my baby is a month old already (tomorrow)! I was reading back to my posts from when Hudson was a month old and remember what a life change that was-- but this is SO much different.

Oh sweet baby Rhett--
-You weigh somewhere around 6.5 lbs. We have an official weight check on Thursday. You've outgrown the preemie clothes and are fitting in some of the smaller newborns now. You're about to graduate from preemie diapers to newborns when we use up the rest of the preemies.
-You are a replica of your daddy. It kind of freaks me out but I love it at the same time. You have the red-head complexion and a TON of blonde blonde hair. I am secretly hoping you have green or blue eyes-- they're dark blue right now.
-You are a pretty content little baby- as long as you're being held. Momma just bought a Moby wrap and it has been heavenly to be able to use both hands again!
-You are doing pretty good sleeping in your Rock-and-Play at night right by me. Usually you sleep with me for the last hour or so of the night.
-You're eating every 2.5-3 hours during the day and 3-3.5 at night. I am exhausted, but SO glad you're gaining weight!
-Your brother is obsessed with you. He loves it when you open your eyes and look at him. He loves to sing to you and hold you. He gives you 97 kisses a day.
-You are nursing SO well. Makes BF-ing look easy.
-You hate being naked... the only time you really scream is when I change your clothes or your diaper. Otherwise you're pretty quiet and content.
-You've mastered the art of peeing on yourself or me when your diaper is off. This is something we need to work on!
-You're still in seclusion from the world for a few more weeks... so you haven't gotten to meet all of our friends yet, but everyone who has met you agrees that you look just like daddy! Momma is too terrified of you getting RSV or the flu to go out in public too much...
-You've only had a bottle 3 or 4 times but you have done great with it so far.

We love you, Rhett. You have fit right in to our family, and it seems like you've always been here. Happy 1 Month little buddy!


And here are our newborns... thanks to the FABULOUS Katie Cole!


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