Rhett is 2 months old!

Rhett turned 2 months old last Saturday. We had his two month check up on last Monday and he is a growing boy! So he is officially 10 weeks old this week!

-You weigh 10 lbs on the money! You've ALMOST doubled your birth weight, big boy!
-You've offically outgrown (in length) your newborn outfits. So we are in 0-3 months now!
-I am just in the process of moving you to size 1 diapers because I am tired of cleaning up blow-outs.
-You're nursing every 2.5-3 hours in the day.
-At night you've been nursing around 9:30 and going until 4 without eating for the last three nights. Momma is pushing baby wise on you and it's working!
-You just started smiling this last week! yay!
-You are a momma's boy through and through, and I am ok with it!
-You are a snuggler and love being held 24/7.
-I moved you out of our room this week and into your room and we have all slept much better.
-You were diagnosed with colic about two weeks ago. We started lactobacillus drops and they have helped. Our worst time is about 4-7 pm... but you do fine if I just sit and rock you.
-You are my little bitty pride and joy, an exact replica of your daddy, we are all (including big brother) just smitten with you!

colic time

sweet baby smiles


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