Rhett Joseph 7 weeks old and changes at work!

Oh baby Rhett... how you make my heart so so happy. You are the snuggliest little guy ever. I wouldn't normally be doing a 7 week post, but I did a 6 wk with Hudson and want to be able to compare!

-You've officially outgrown all the preemie clothes and diapers. We are fitting in the newborn stuff well!
-You're still nursing like a champ, every 3 hours AROUND-THE-CLOCK... or 2.5 like yesterday when you're growing.
-I think you're around 9 lbs. We will find out for sure at the doctor for your 2 month check up in a few weeks.
-Your big brother is obsessed with you. He thinks you're the greatest thing ever. He brings the ipad over to you and lets you watch his shows with him. He brings you Buzz and Woody and all of his digs to play with. I really think he can't wait until you can actually play with him. He is mommy's helper and loves to give you your paci.
-Your favorite place to sleep (other than with momma) is in your rock-and-play by the fireplace. Not necessarily with the fireplace on, but just with the fan on. It's sweet.
-I've started playing Praise Baby for you. You love it and will instantly quiet down, most of the time.
-You hate the car. We must work on that... especially since Hudson loves the car.
-You're becoming so much more alert lately. You have a long period in the morning when you're really happy and cooing. We haven't seen you smile yet, but brother and I try SO hard to get you to!
-You met Grandma Jeda this week. She has spent hours and hours holding you and loving on you. It is special time for me to see her with you. It makes my heart so happy that both of my grandmas (your great-grandmas!) get to spend time with you (and helping me!).
-You're doing better with neck and head control, but aren't a fan of tummy time yet.
-You love being held and want to be held 24/7. You spend a lot of time in the Moby wrap when it's just us and brother.
-I think you're just perfect, especially since you're really just 3 weeks old gestationally! Now if we could just start working on sleeping more at night. I'm not asking for much... just more than 2 hours of sleep at a time would be nice!

I am also excited that I found out this week for sure that I am switching my schedule at work. We are so blessed that Bryan found out that he got a promotion literally the day before I had Rhett... God has incredible timing! I have been working 2 12-hr day shifts a week since Hudson was born, and I really liked that schedule but with circumstances beyond our control for now with our childcare, we have decided to switch things up. I will just be working Friday nights when I go back to work in May. While that does kind of mess up our Saturdays, it lets me be a stay-at-home mommy with my boys. Bryan will be home with them while I am working on Friday nights and while I sleep on Saturday mornings. I think the schedule will work out well for the summer and help me with nursing Rhett, because when I went back to work with Hudson it was impossible for me to pump there and keep nursing him. Having childcare for my babies really really stresses me out and while we've made things work with Hudson, it is too hard (and expensive!) with two kids, especially when looking for something just two days a week. It makes me happy that Rhett won't have to go anywhere while he is so little... and maybe not ever. I have been so happy with our childcare with Hudson but I don't think anyone can do as good of a job raising my boys as I can... but on the flip side of that, I really love my job, so this lets me still be a nurse one night a week, so I won't lose my skills, and I still get to have time with adults in the "real" world. I am thankful that the hospital has been so great to work with me and my schedule. It isn't every day that you find a work place or bosses that are so great... (on that note, anyone looking for a nursing job in NWA, hit me up, we'd love to have you at WRMS!) So my Fridays are going to be a bit tricky, but I think between my grandma, my dad, and Janet, hopefully I can have a little help on Fridays so I can rest before I work... and if not, I can nap when they nap and make do. I'm hardly sleeping right now anyways, ha!

Sorry my posts are few and far between... I've got my hands full and I've been battling a yucky virus that had me coughing out my lungs... I'll try to fit a post in before Rhett's 2 month post, but no promises... for now I am just enjoying my time at home with my two little loves. :-)


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