Just an ordinary day...

I have had a marvelous day. Let me start by saying I did NOT sleep last night. Rhett likes to party at 2 am. I woke up SO sore and exhausted. I drank TWO iced coffees, took Hudson to school and came home to rest with my baby. When I got home I felt refreshed (ahem, coffee?), decided to coupon and go shop at target instead. Rhett was an angel in his carrier while we were out which is so rare. We had lunch with our favorite cop and my bestie, Jackie, at a cute outdoor bistro. We went to the associate store and scored some great berries and picked Hudson up. Hudson had a great day and the weather was so great I took him through sonic to get a slushy. We came home and spent 2 hours outside in the sunshine, took baths and both boys are already in their PJs. 

I know you probably don't really care about my day. It was an ordinary day. I didn't cross one thing off of my to-do list for the second day in a row. I have mountains of laundry to be folded and dusty tables... But I feel like for the first time since becoming a mom of two, I managed the whole day well and all by myself. I had patience and grace with my children. 

All that to say, the thing that made all of the difference in my day was that before he walked out the door this morning, my husband got to his knees and prayed for me and for my day. Hudson came in and saw us praying together. I want nothing more from this life than to raise Godly children who see that example through their daddy and I. No I do not have it together, I looked like a hot mess dropping Hudson off today but as my previous post stated, Hudson thought I looked great when I picked him up. He told me this morning that he loved me to the sun and back. These are the moments that matter.

Jesus, help me to remember that the laundry can wait, the dusty tables aren't going to hurt anyone and its ok to have frozen pizza for dinner sometimes. My babies are only babies for a short time. I want them to see YOU in all I do... And sometimes the best ways to show them that are through sonic slushies and playing in the sandbox. 


  1. Life from one baby to two is a huge adjustment! Just as you get everything figured out with one and they get a little more independent you just have to mix it up and have a new one!! I had my kiddos 5 years apart. As much of a blessing that was it was also a huge curse. My 5 year old was in school and we could take her anywhere and do anything. Introduce a new baby that is a homebody and doesn't want to go... Life stopped and 2 1/2 years later we are still getting back to a new normal!

    Life will be smoother soon! I promise it gets easier and the colic cries let up. He will like his car rides better and target trips will be fun again!

  2. such a good mom! it really is the little things that make life great!


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