Five on Friday!

I decided to do a fun link up today!
Hudson, Rhett and I just spent 6 days with all of my cousins (9 of us in total) at my grandma's house in North Missouri. It was an impromptu trip we made to see my 88 yr old Great Grandpa who had been in the hospital with a PE and as we were packing up to come home with Bryan on Sunday, I realized I had nothing to do this week and wanted to stay. It worked out well because my dad was already planning on staying so we could ride back with him. I've learned this year you just can't spend enough time with loved ones. It was the first time for me being back since my grandpa passed away in December. It was a little sad without him, but we really enjoyed our time and I got a dose of what momma Duggar must feel like with helping take care and feed 8 kiddos (ages 21-5, plus my two!).
Hudson had a blast with my cousins all week!

My dad obviously looks thrilled to be sitting with all the kids in this pic!

My Great Grandma Joy turned 88 yesterday! We had a big family get together celebrating her birthday.
My beautiful cousin, Abigail. She turns 16 in a few months and that makes me feel OLD!
My amazing friend/hairstylist who I have been going to for like 7 years texted me the other day to make sure I wasn't "cheating" on her with another stylist. That is when you know it has been too long since getting your hair done.
I quickly proved that no I hadn't been going to the Wal-Mart Salon on the side (ha ha ha) but that with a toddler and a baby it is HARD to get out alone during the week.
But my sweet friend, Sam, came over and babysat the boys while I went yesterday. Thanks for making me look human again, Nikki. I won't go 15 weeks between color ever again.

Have y'all tried the nail applique stickers? I am obsessed. As I mentioned about my hair, I have NO time to get out to get my nails done (nor the money) and when I paint them it has chipped in like a day. These are AWESOME. They stay on for 10++ days and that's me being a busy mom and nurse who washes her hands FREQUENTLY. I also love that there is NO mess or dry time! Stick them on and GO!
These are Revlon, from Walgreens
These are Sally Hansen, I got a free sample in the Target Beauty Box. LOVE!
On Saturday I suffered a nasty blow to the nose. My (adult) cousin threw a whiffle ball at the ground, which in turn got kicked straight into my face, it ricochet off of my face and bounced of the house. According to witnesses it was a freak accident. Who knew a whiffle ball (plastic white ball with holes) could do such damage? I was hoping it would be healed by the time I go to work tonight, we are getting there. I basically went all week without make up at my grandmas so I felt weird going out in public because with my nose swollen and scabbed and two black eyes I looked like I had been beaten up.
Top L: Post injury, Top R: Day 1 (I look like death), Bottom L: Day 3, Bottom R: today, almost healed!
The love of my life turned 28 on Wednesday. The boys and I got home about 8 pm. We went out to celebrate with Bryan's family last night at On The Border. I am so so thankful for this man. Happy Birthday Bryan!
taken on July 4, 2013

And because no post is complete without a picture of my adorable blue-eyed baby boy:


  1. I'll have to try the nails. I can't get polish to last two days without flaking too. Thanks for the tip! :)


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