Hardest Job in the WORLD.

There. I said it. I have THE hardest job in the whole world.

(This is so cliche)

A lot of you have this job too. Being a parent. SAHM or SAHD or working parents. It's all the same. It tiring, and taxing, and expensive, and kind of gross, and

(But I love it)

And also most days I am pretty sure that it might kill me.

Today has been one of those days.

We are potty training... or more like, Hudson is wearing underwear and treating it just like a diaper and I am doing a lot (and I do mean, A LOT) of extra cleaning and my house smells like a mixture of pee and vinegar.

I have been up with Rhett since 3:45 this morning. He is fussy and crying and wanting to nurse a lot... whatever. I have given up trying to figure out whats wrong with him, I just go with the flow.

I intentionally wore Hudson out this morning so he would take a good nap this afternoon so I could nap too. We went ALL morning with no accidents. Then he pooped in his underwear after lunch-- whatever, it is really nothing new. Put him to bed in underwear, because I am not giving in to the pull-ups. I will win this fight, eventually. After playing for awhile he finally quieted down and I went to bed.

Anyone with two kids also know it is nothing short of a miracle when you can get both kids asleep simultaneously.

So, I was asleep. I hear... creaaaaaaaak. (Hudson's door). I call out to him. "Mom, I peepeed in my pull-up" (Like I said-- we are treating underwear JUST like a diaper). "Ok" I am frustrated at this point but keep my cool, whip his undies off in the hall and put on a new pair, sent him on his merry way back to bed.

Then I look in his room.

I kid you not. Poop on the bed, Poop on the stairs to his bed, Poop tracked all across the floor and a big huge turd on the floor where I had just whipped off his undies.

And. I. Lost. It.

I'm not proud of myself, but I am human. I am also not a fan of this whole not punishing while potty training because that little stinker KNOWS better.

So after I took off the freshly clean sheets that I had just washed THIS morning... made a whole new batch of floor cleaner (because of course we were out), cleaned the carpet, yelled, punished and threatened what would happen if he didn't rest... and put myself in time out... I then heard him kicking the wall (which he knows is a No-No) and having a good ol time not resting.

I was to the point where no punishment was working. So I did what I never thought I would do. I took away his beloved "B". *blanket

He threw a huge fit for 5 minutes and then I went back in. Asked him if he liked it when mommy took away B. And gave B back.

Not 5 minutes later he was sound asleep.

So. Today has stunk (literally). But at least I know what punishment works now. And my son is asleep.

(I love my "job", I love my children, but it is hard, and I am human and this is a good way for me to vent!)


  1. Hi Jenna
    Re: Potty training
    What worked for my little one was setting the kitchen timer for 30 min ... when it went off she'd sit on the potty ... it reduced the accidents ... after a few days I increased the time to 45 min ... then a few days later to 1 hr ... eventually she told me when she wanted to go (it took about 2-3 weeks but it was done) ... also you know Hudson best ... you might know when he wants to have a bowel movement because of the face that he is pulling or he goes to a certain place, etc. so watch out for those signs ... I know it's hard work & you are tired ... so maybe give yourself a break & try again when you aren't so tired. & to save you time ... one step at a time ... dry during play time ... then nap time & then night time ... so maybe put a diaper on at nap time then when the diaper is dry after nap time stop using it ... just to keep your sanity :D
    Hope that helps.
    Thinking of you from across the pond :D

  2. wow. i would agree hardest job in the world. but someday you will look back and laugh at these stories! Also, pull up during nap time might not be the worst idea ;)

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