Rhett is 5 Months Old!

(I started this post two weeks ago and never posted it, whoops)

Rhett Joseph-
You, my love, are the happiest, most content and most giggly baby on the planet. Daddy thinks you are going to be more easy going than your brother, and I kind of agree.

-You sleep most nights from 9:30-5ish. Night before last you surprised me by sleeping until 7:30!
-I took you to the doctor last week for a little virus and you weighed 13lbs3oz and were 25 inches long. He was a little concerned with your weight gain (only 9 oz in a month) and had me increase my calorie intact. We are reevaluating at 6 months but I can already tell a difference in the week that has passed since then. You're still completely breastfed at this point.
-Last week we started Rice Cereal, you love it and eat it with no problem. We are waiting until after your 6 month check up to start foods.
-You giggle at me and daddy all the time. It is my favorite thing ever.
-You still nurse every 3ish hrs in the day. 5-8-11-2-5-9 usually.
-You have great head control and I think you'll be sitting up in no time.
-You usually take a good morning nap from 9:30-11:30 and afternoon nap from 2:30-5. You're a pretty good little sleeper.
-You adore your brother, if you are upset, he comes over and talks or sings to you and you usually laugh, I can't wait for yall to play together.
-The older you get, the more you look like Hudson did, but you're still a spitting image of your daddy!
-You're still in size ONE diapers, but momma started using cloth diapers about a month ago, your skin is so sensitive this is much better for you!
-You're still in 3 month clothes, but I am getting ready to move you up to 3-6 month clothes, finally!

Since I am posting this SO late, you're actually going to be SIX months old in two weeks. Time has FLOWN by.

Rhett-y, we love you. Perfect addition to our family.


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