Summer Travel Savings Tips!

Today I have a fun post about saving money for your end of summer travel by travel expert Kendra Thornton.

A Relaxing End of Summer Family Vacation

It’s hard to believe, but school is nearly back in session for the kids already. Before your young ones start their back to school routines again, take the time to bond with them one last time on a family vacation. There is still time to create wonderful, lifelong memories on a summer trip with your loved ones.

1. Save Money, Roadtrip!

With the hefty price of airline tickets, many families are choosing the route of driving rather than flying. While a car trip may seem daunting, there are many ways to make it fun! First, pack up lots of pillows and blankets to make the car very comfy and cozy for your little ones. Also, pack plenty of snacks and beverages so you don’t have to stop for food frequently. Finally, bring things like games, favorite toys, or electronic devices to entertain your children.

2. Plan for Baby Food

Although older children may be able to eat at local restaurants, most of them do not carry baby food. Also, most baby foods are allowed through airport security, as long as they aren’t yet opened. Another good rule to abide by is to make sure the baby food you are bringing is a known commodity by your infant. You don’t want to try out a new food and have your baby have an allergic reaction, particularly when away from home.

3. Research Your Rooms

Be sure you have a family-friendly room by doing diligent research. Look for amenities like a fridge and microwave in the room; this will save you money as you can reheat meals and store foods and beverages in the fridge. Eating at restaurants can be very expensive, and being able to avoid this every meal is a very big plus. Also, check if the hotel restaurant offers a kid’s menu. 

4. Save Packing Space

If your children are still in diapers, there is no need to stuff them in your suitcase. Save space by ordering your diapers at your destination. Buy your diapers online through and you can order them to be delivered to your vacation destination with free next-day shipping. Ordering in advance can even have diapers waiting upon your arrival.

5. Book in the Business District

Every travel location has designated areas throughout the city for various purposes. On weekends, hotels in the business district often have rooms to fill. These rooms are usually offered at a discount for families. While it may seem like these city locations won’t be family-friendly, this is far from the case. In my home city of Chicago, the business districts are famous for having hotels near historical landmarks and parks. Use a site like Gogobot to read reviews on these Chicago hotels to find out which ones really are the best. Enjoy these perks while also having a lower room rate.

Plan ahead this vacation to avoid any extra stresses while traveling. Often, it is the little details that make up the majority of your satisfaction. Prepare yourself accordingly, and enjoy an end of the summer vacation with your family.

Thank you Kendra for some helpful hints for those end of summer trips!


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