The Broken Mirror

I posted this on Facebook last week and had an overwhelming response. I thought I would post it on here for my own memory and to share with those of y'all who aren't my Facebook friends. 

Wednesday is typically the day I clean my house. After scrubbing all morning, I was putting on makeup and getting ready to leave. Hudson who hasn't been feeling well, came in the bathroom and was talking to me when he accidentally knocked over our floor length mirror and it shattered. 

At first he just looked at me... All I could say was "oh Hudson..." And then he melted. He was hysterical because he didn't want to tell daddy because he thought daddy would be mad at him. We were talking about it and he said "well maybe YOU did it mom" trying to shift the blame to take away his little two-year old guilt.

In that moment the Lord correlated this with specifics about the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit had been on my heart all week. Hudson doesn't have the Holy Spirit inside of him yet. He deals with sin like most, shifting the guilt and cowering in fear. Not yet covered by The Lord's grace.

We then called Daddy, who reassured Hudson that he still loved him, even if he made a bad choice. Just like our father reassures us that He still loves us when we ask for forgiveness.

As a mother, all I can hope for is that Hudson and Rhett see God's love and forgiveness through Bryan and I. I cannot wait until the day that they make the choices to have the Holy Spirit dwell within them.

My baby is still clay, able to be molded by his experiences. He and I both learned a good lesson even if it was at the expense of my broken mirror.


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