Hudson's Superhero Birthday

My baby turned three years old on Monday! We had a fun super hero birthday party with a few of our friends on Sunday afternoon followed by dinner with our family at On The Border, where Hudson downed a whole order of guacamole live on his own. For his party we rented an inflatable and it went over great. Also, Bryan's best friend, Richard dressed up like Batman and talked to the kids. It was so cute. We had a great great day celebrating and on his actual birthday we just took it easy at home, and he spent the whole day playing with his new toys.

I have to give props to my mom and grandma for helping me bake and get ready for the party. My mom did awesome on the Spiderman cookies while I made the ironman cake. We had a lot of fun but it was a lot of work!

I can't believe my baby is three!!! We have his three year check up tomorrow so I'll have to post with stats and milestones later!


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