Insanity-take 2-day 1

So I started insanity earlier this summer, and had to take a break because I was nursing Rhett and the doctor wanted me to try taking a break from dieting and working out to see if my milk production increased--so anyways, it didn't and I stopped nursing about two weeks ago. The past two weeks have been insane crazy... my birthday, Hudson's birthday, my grandmas been in town-- so I am kicking it back into high gear as of today.

I did day two today. It kicked my tail. And I stayed under my limit of 1400 calories. I have high ambitions of losing at least 2 lbs a week and nothing is holding me back.

My goals are:
-Two workouts a day--one insanity workout 6 days a week and another workout like walking with the boys in the morning or riding bikes at night, 3-4x a wk.
-Staying under my goal of 1400 calories (minus my insanity calories because I don't want my body to go back into starvation mode)
-One free day of eating a week (Saturday) where I still stay under 2000 calories.
-Cut out diet coke completely (down to one a day right now... probably done as of tomorrow)
-Cut out artificial sugars completely

Mondays are going to be my weight loss post days. I am going to try my best to stay off of the scale until Monday each week. I have 55 lbs to hit my goal weight. Whose with me??

(And my backup if I can't do this without accountability is re-joining weight watchers. I have done it in the past and lost 16 lbs in 3 months)


  1. good for you! sounds like you have your mind set! I need to get my tail in gear!

  2. Hi Jenna
    Why don't you do yourself a favor & buy this book - Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman - - might be cheaper on Amazon ... that way you'll be giving your body all the nutrients it needs & not starving yourself (it's cheaper than WW's).
    Everything of the best ... you can do it!


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