The Honest Company-FREE sample!!

I have mentioned before that Rhett has extremely sensitive skin.

We had a rash reaction immediately to Huggies and last week the same reaction to Pampers.

This is why I am glad to be cloth diapering... but daddy and grandparents aren't on board with the cloth diaper thing. So I need to have disposables for them, the diaper bag and for times I forget to wash the diapers and they're all dirty when I need one (which is more frequently that I like to admit).

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They have the best diapers and wipes. They're all natural. They also have amazing "Healing balm" that healed Rhett's bottom up in one night. Both of my boys have naturally dry skin so this stuff will be great for the winter on their little faces and arms too.

I originally got a sample of Diapers, wipes and other goodies when Rhett was a newborn and have gone back to them now.

You can get a FREE sample of diapers, wipes, little body products and soaps along with vitamins through THIS LINK. You just pay $5.95 shipping and get all the best samples! I am still using the soap samples I got six months ago! (By signing up for the samples you will have 7 days after the arrival of your samples to cancel your membership or you'll be automatically enrolled in their monthly program, I called when I originally got the samples and they weren't mean or pushy at all, so nice to work with). 

In the free sample you get your choice size of diapers (7 ct. in all the adorable patterns),  a 10 ct. sample of wipes (great for the diaper bag), a mini baby shampoo/soap, a mini hand soap, a mini laundry detergent, a mini healing cream and mini lotion (all great for diaper bag or traveling). Another suggestion I saw was to use these for a baby shower, what a great gift!

Photo of the box my samples came in

I also have a code for $10/$25 which would make for some cheap goodies. Code: invited10

Just this morning I ordered a package of diapers, pull-ups and another tube of the healing cream. I had a problem ordering online and had to talk with customer service and they were SO nice and fixed it right away. 

I keep getting other random codes in my email from signing up so today I got free shipping on my order too so that is a neat perk!

If you try them, I know you'll love them. With Hudson I was all about getting good deals on diapers, and while I still like getting "good" deals, my poor baby's bottom can't handle it which makes me realize all the junk that is in the regular diapers so I am willing to pay a little bit more for these.

Try them and let me know what you think!


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