Hudson, Rhett and G-Ma

These photos capture the last day the boys got to spend time with G-Ma. I've always said I am using this blog as a scrapbook to have memories for my boys. This was a very special day.

The bears are build-a-bears that we made with G-Ma's voice inside of them. Hudson loves his "Pepper Puppy" and sleeps with it every night.

We do miss our G-ma, but know shes looking down with love on her two favorite little boys. So glad we have her voice recorded so they can remember her.


  1. I'm so glad you were able to do that. What treasures they have now!

  2. Make sure that you record the voice onto a phone and then back it up to a flash drive somehow. I had a dear friend record her terminally ill daughter's voice and then the battery inside the bear died and reset to no voice. Just don't want you to lose those precious moments.


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