Our Week in Photos

I wanted to share some pictures of this past week.

Never too big to have your momma play with your hair

Talking with G-Pa and G-Ma about Heaven, Jesus and Cancer. So thankful for the first two, so devastated about the last.
So much love
Recording book for the boys and for Jordan's future kids
Giving us the "secret" family recipes
Always Momma's boy
Our family got to come and be here part of the week
Showing Rhett where his eyes, nose and mouth are like she always did with Hudson
This picture sums up our week. So much love. So many laughs and so many tears. We will miss her so so much.


  1. Very sweet. Breaks my heart but your so lucky for everything she got to share with ya'll this past week.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Breathtakingly beautiful!

  3. Oh, such precious pictures and even more precious memories to last a lifetime. Thinking of all of you during this most difficult time. Hugs!

  4. What LOVE looks like ...Prayers For Everyone..John 3:16

  5. oh boy…. this was my Christmas four years ago. My mom left her frail cancerous body Feb. 2010. She was so sick that last Christmas, but she sat in her chair by the Christmas tree and soaked up everything that was happening around her. She loved her family as your mom in law did. God bless - you are in my prayers!


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